Australian Tap Dance Company presents inaugural work ‘The Tap Affect’

Australian Tap Dance Company

FORM Dance Projects is proud to introduce the Australian Tap Dance Company as it presents the premiere of its inaugural work, The Tap Affect, at Riverside Theatres from 26 – 28 March. 

The Tap Affect is a celebration of the unique art form of tap. With each of the seven performers having their own tap style and story, they will each delve into their emotional bond to the art form as well as pay tribute to the masters of tap, including Eddie Brown, Buster Brown, Bill Robinson, John Bubbles, Eleanor Powell and Jeni Legon. 

The show goes back to the roots of tap dance, most commonly associated with rhythm tap. With musically intricate steps, different accents and time signatures, The Tap Affect features stunningly difficult and exquisite tap. 

Brianna Taylor, co-creative director of The Australian Tap Dance Company, said, “The Tap Affect is a celebration of what inspires our Australian dancers. We see diverse slices of each artist’s emotional connection to the art form that come together to provide a powerful performance. Each segment will be an abstract biographical view into their connection to dance.” 

Annette McLernon, director of FORM Dance Projects, said, “When we presented The Tap Pack as part of Dance Bites 2013, it was an incredibly popular and accessible slapstick tap comedy. Six years on, Thomas Egan is moving forward with other collaborators forming the Australian Tap Dance Company, which is exciting, especially introducing leading female Australian tap artists into this company.” 

Formed in 2019, The Tap Affect is the first work presented by the Australian Tap Dance Company. The Company’s creative directors – Jack Egan, Brianna Taylor, Peta Anderson and Thomas J Egan – are passionate about producing and creating work for Australian tap dancers and audiences. 

The Australian Tap Dance Company will present The Tap Affect from 26 – 28 March at Riverside Theatres. For tickets and more information, visit www.form.org.au/the-tap-affect 

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