7 Weird Habits that Make You a Dancer

dancer back bend

You are a dancer – totally unique, full of passion and with dreams bigger than the starry sky. And with being a dancer come some tell-tale signs that you are one. Here are seven habits that make you a dancer. See if you can relate!

#1. You are constantly cracking and popping.

If you’re anything like me, you can’t function without cracking your hips, back, ankles and neck. Morning class is like an orchestra of cracks, pops and snaps. You know it’s a bad habit, but it somehow feels right.

#2. You mark exercises with your hands.

A non-dancing friend once came to watch company class on stage, and all he talked about afterward was how weird it was to see everyone marking out the exercises with their hands. What seems totally normal to us must look super strange to everyone else!

#3. You are constantly stretching.

Sitting in a chair with your feet folded over, watching TV in second position, dropping your heel off the edges of steps in a calf stretch – have you noticed how much of the day you spend in a stretch?

#4. You stand in weird positions.

Well, to you and me, they’re not weird. They’re called first, fourth and cou de pied. To normal people, though, they’re pretty strange.

#5. Your clothing is asymmetrical.

It’s not often that two legwarmers are required. One is perfectly reasonable. Same goes for rolling up one leg of your trackies and wearing a top off one shoulder. Clothes that feel unremarkable in the studio might get you some curious looks when you wear them to the shops, but who cares?

#6. You don’t go anywhere without your bag of tricks.

A dancer’s handbag is just like a normal person’s handbag: keys, wallet, phone, lip balm… oh, and spiky ball, arnica cream, theraband, foot roller and an assortment of other strange-looking torture devices that we can’t live without.

#7. You dance everywhere, always.

Tapping while waiting for the bus, single leg rises while brushing your teeth, balancing while doing your make-up… And did you ever see a field you didn’t want to grand jeté across?

By Rain Francis of Dance Informa.

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