Ballet teacher Danielle Kyneur tells of her unforgettable holiday

Brent Street ballet teacher

Danielle Kyneur is a ballet instructor currently teaching at respected performing arts centre Brent Street, based in the Entertainment Quarter, Sydney, and owned by Lucas Newland. This year marks her third year teaching ballet at Brent Street and 10 years as a teacher overall.

Over the January summer holidays, Kyneur, age 27, spent a week with her mum and sisters in Fiji. Whilst there, she made friends with a young local boy named Josh. Josh kindly showed her around the village on the island. The village, much like most of Fiji, was made up of rugged landscape and poor living conditions.

Brent Street ballet teacher in Fiji

Kyneur with Jose and other local children on the island. Photo courtesy of Kyneur.

Kyneur says, “It was an eye opener to see the kind of lifestyle the people in Fiji live every day, and amazing to witness just how grateful they still are. They really make the most of what little they have.”

Kyneur explained to Josh that in Sydney she teaches ballet. To her surprise, the news spread quickly. In response to the local kids’ enthusiasm, Kyneur kindly took time out of her holiday to teach a ballet lesson to the children. With no ballet barre, ballet shoes, leotards or music, and on the grass, she taught the children how to dance.

“The little ones were so happy, in particular a girl called Jose, who danced around the island practicing her ballet steps everywhere she went,” Kyneur recounts. “They all couldn’t stop smiling – including me.”

Kyneur felt the experience was truly unforgettable. Since having left the island, she has sent Jose her very own ballet costume, a bracelet to remember her by and a Brent Street dance uniform.

Dance can make such a difference! Why not consider using your talent and passion to bring joy to others? You can visit an overseas community, or even just start in your own backyard.

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