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‘GATSBY at The Green Light’: The party where the 1920s meet with the 2020s

'Gatsby at The Green Light' at Sydney Opera House. Photo by Daniel Boud.
'Gatsby at The Green Light' at Sydney Opera House. Photo by Daniel Boud.

Sydney Opera House, Sydney.
23 February 2024.

Step into the extravagant and exhilarating world of GATSBY at The Green Light where the fictional bar invites you to rendezvous in the roaring 1920s and cavort with the bold 2020s. This extravaganza, hosted at The Studio and presented by the Sydney Opera House in collaboration with Caper & Crow, whisks you away to a world of hedonistic entertainment and unbridled revelry.

The soirée on the eve of Friday, 23rd February unfurled like a flapper dress, with a line snaking its way through some eager guests dressed to the nines in authentic 1920s garb. The two-story venue, bedecked in contemporary art-deco finery, showcased an oval bar serving as the main stage, where dancers donned dual roles as performers and servers, catering to VIP tables adorned with tantalising cocktails and delectable bites. Ornate organ pipes, silhouetted wine bottles and other spirits bottles seamlessly created the backdrop with two staircases extending on either side leading to the top-level balcony where Gatsby’s (Beau Sargent) presence permeated through the light and the buzzing nightclub. 

Dance stars Erin Gaw and Tiana Vassallo from the Dance Life series on Amazon Prime, along with Jaimie Nirvana, Thomas Young, Maddi Xuereb, Willa Bell Klemm and Clayton Church, danced around the multileveled space with choreography created by the talented duo Lucas Newland and Cassie Bartho, which was infused with 1920s elements. The art-deco ambiance, complemented by the silhouetted backdrop and lighting set the stage for the evening’s lavish party. 

As the lights dimmed and the Charleston beats reverberated, the waitstaff erupted into a fusion of commercial dance moves intertwined with 1920s flair. The Head Barman, Florian Brooks from Belgium, took centre stage, mesmerising guests with his champagne glass juggling act and later elevating the excitement by deftly juggling illuminated clubs.

Glassy (Bayley Graham) tapped away on the main bar, while Bettie Bombshell, The Hostess, charmed the crowd and later dazzled it with fire twirlers. Daisy Buchanan (Elke Uhd) showcased her trapeze prowess, embodying the epitome of high-society elegance from the 1920s and endless extensions.

The aerial duo, Zac Smith and Jemma Crump, portrayed young Gatsby and Daisy with gravity-defying feats, weaving in and around each other in a breathtakingly beautiful, sensual and flawless performance. The Shapeshifter (Odette) lent her velvety vocals, and The Seductress (Miranda Menzies) commanded attention with her audacious act causing jaws to drop. 

A crowd favourite, The Gentleman (Oscar Kaufmann), exuded cheeky charisma and provocative charm. His Hat stand Aerial work, featuring a gradual removal of clothing, added a touch of risqué allure that floated down from the heights of the club, captivating the audience.

Gatsby stands as an innovative creation from the masterminds behind the acclaimed L’Hotel, led by director Craig Ilott, known for the spectacular renditions of Amadeus and Velvet Rewired. Prepare for a roaring affair as Gatsby’s spirit reigns supreme at The Green Light, the hottest club in town.

As the final weeks unfold, grab your chance to be part of this electrifying establishment, where extravagance, vitality and abandon converge in the pursuit of love. Don’t miss this roaring affair, running until 24 March. Secure your tickets at the Sydney Opera House and revel in the time-traveling revelry at the heart of Gatsby’s world.

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By Renata Ogayar of Dance Informa.

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