Social Media Sensation Talia Fidra (@dancetaggi) 

Talia Fidra

Talia Fidra is a 14 year old dance student who trains full time at Janine McGrath’s Classical Coaching Australia. Not only has Talia collected a vast array of awards and prizes for her dancing, she has also amassed 123,000 followers on Instagram (@dancetaggi). A Youth America Grand Prix top 12 finalist, and Capezio Australia and New Zealand young ambassador, Talia is more than just a social media sensation. With her long legs, high extensions, clean technique and captivating stage presence, it is no wonder she has so many adoring fans.

Talia Fidra

Beautiful young dancer Talia Fidra. Photo courtesy Sasha Fidra.

Dance Informa spoke with Talia to find out more about this rising star…

When and why did you start dancing?

“I’ve always danced and I don’t remember never dancing. Mum says I would dance around the lounge room to music every night after dinner from as soon as I could walk. I started ballet lessons in kindergarten at 4. At the end of year show I was chosen as lead angel and I still remember that feeling the first time I went on stage. I don’t know why I dance but I do know it’s in me and I can’t live without it.”

Who are you inspired by?

“I’m inspired by many things and people. I love passionate people, ones who never give up and those that shine from within. My all time number one inspiring dancer is Sylvie Guillem. She exudes the music with every body nuance and her flexibility and foot lines are to die for. I also greatly admire Marianela Nuñez for her hard working attitude and ability to prove that if you never give up you will get there.”

What do you like most about ballet?

“I love the music and ability to get lost in a character. The technical challenges are trying but equally rewarding and the feeling of being able to let it all go and fly are incomparable. Of course every ballerina is also a sucker for a bit of bling.”

Talia Fidra

Talia Fidra. Photo by Luis Pons.

What do you like least about ballet?

“The aches and pains of pushing your body to its limits day after day. The disappointments when it doesn’t go how you planned. The missed parties and movie nights – never seeming to be on top of all the schoolwork that somehow squeezes between the busy dance calendar.”

What is it like being a Capezio Young Ambassador?

“Being the first Capezio Australia young ambassador is such an honour. I have always loved the brand and to now be a part of such a fantastic company is almost overwhelming. The whole team are so supportive and personable and when I dance I feel like I’m doing it for myself as well as Capezio. I absolutely love wearing their products and everything from their shoes up to my hair bows are not only really stylish and well designed but also so comfortable.”

You are training full time at Janine McGrath Classical Coaching.  What do you hope to do when you have completed your training there?

“I really love dancing at Classical Coaching Australia – all the girls are like family and we all motivate and inspire one another. I plan on staying here a few years yet but the dream is to compete in the Prix De Lausanne in Switzerland in 2017.”

Talia Fidra

Talia Fidra. Photo courtesy of Sasha Fidra.

If you could dance with any ballet company in the world, which one would it be?

“I would be so happy if one day I was a member of any ballet company. I really love the Australian Ballet as well as a few of the European ones such as Stuttgart Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet and The English National.”

If you weren’t dancing, what would you do?

“If I wasn’t a dancer I would love to be a choreographer and also a dance teacher. I also dream of one day designing leotards. If I couldn’t do anything dance related I would study interior or fashion design.”

By Rebecca Martin of Dance Informa.

Photo (top): Talia Fidra. Photo courtesy of Sasha Fidra.

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