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Dance Quiz: So You Think You Can Dance Australia

1) Who was the winner of the last season of So You Think You Can Dance Australia?

a) Phillipe Witana

b) Ivy Heeney

c) Robbie Kmetoni

d) Jessie Hesketh

2) Who of the following is not a judge in the current season?

a) Paula Abdul

b) Aaron Cash

c) Matt Lee

d) Shannon Holtzapffel

3) With which company is Season 3 dancer Jessie Hesketh now working?

a) Sydney Dance Company

b) Australian Dance Theatre

c) Rambert Dance Company

d) Nederlands Dans Theater

4) In the current season, what dance genre is Top 20 dancer Maddie’s specialty?

a) ballet

b) jazz

c) contemporary

d) urban

5) Which of the following dancers was not in the urban dance-off choreographed by Christopher Scott on the February 23 episode?

a) Jay

b) Nadiah

c) Joel

d) Lauren

6) Which Modern Family character actor made an appearance on February 23?

a) Gloria

b) Mitchell

c) Manny

d) Haley

7) Which popular singer also made an appearance in the same episode?

a) Kylie Minogue

b) Kelly Clarkson

c) Robbie Williams

d) Ronan Keating

8) Sarah Boulter choreographed a trio for Maddie, Eden and Jordan in what style?

a) Jazz

b) Contemporary

c) Ballet

d) Ballroom

9) Tiana Canterbury choreographed an urban trio for Sally, Yukino and Patric to a track by which artist?

a) Kanye West

b) Demi Lovato

c) Jordin Sparks

d) Jason Derulo

10)   From which Australian state is contemporary/lyrical dancer Sam?

a) South Australia

b) Victoria

c) Western Australia

d) New South Wales


1 – c, 2 – c, 3 – b, 4 – a, 5 – d, 6 – b, 7 – c, 8 – b, 9 – d, 10 – a

Photo (top): Robbie Williams with the So You Think You Can Dance Australia Top 20 dancers.  Photo by Nigel Wright. Copyright Shine Australia.

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