‘Vitality’ at Energetiks VDF offers teachers a choice

Image by Freepik.
Image by Freepik.

When it comes to professional development, as educators, we want to be sure we are spending our precious free time on something engaging, informative and relevant to us.

Vitality Teacher Conference at Energetiks VDF is always chock full of inspiring seminars, Q&As and practical workshops, meaning we walk away from a full day of learning with vitality and raring to get back to the studio to apply what we’ve learned.

But not every professional development program suits everyone. This year, Vitality is giving educators the opportunity to have their say in the programming. 

Sally Harrison.
Sally Harrison.

Guest presenter Sally Harrison is the founder of Band-ITS and strength4dance, a business dedicated to injury prevention and creating a strong body for a lifetime of dance. Having ended her own dance career due to injury, she is passionate about helping the next generation of performers understand and look after their ‘tool of the trade’. Harrison is a state registered physiotherapist and fitness trainer with over 20 years of experience in both the health and fitness industries. Harrison has been working specifically with dancers since 2008, working with Bangarra Dance Theatre and in musicals. She is excited to be sharing her love of movement training and injury prevention with educators at VDF.

Together with Vitality, Harrison is allowing teachers to vote for their chosen subject from within her wide base of expertise to present during her seminar at Vitality Teacher Conference at Energetiks VDF24.

The subjects available are: 

1.  ALL ABOUT STRENGTH – different types of strength, why adding load is valid to training, being specific and planning for both linear and movement training in conditioning classes. Preparing the body for dance.

2. FEET – from pronation to supination and all the things in between. Understand what pronation actually is and what it isn’t. How proper foot motion is relevant to injury, balance, pliés and beyond.

Image by ArtPhoto_studio on Freepik.
Image by ArtPhoto_studio on Freepik.

3. KNEES – hyper or not. Is this hyper knee a problem? Look at the mechanics and how it affects the feet, hips, balance and injuries, and how to help. 

4. INTRO TO ANATOMY TRAINS – myofascial trains in the body and how they all influence each other with regard to both flexibility and strength. 

5. MOVEMENT– the importance of finding centre. Looking at 3D assessments in movement, what is missing and how this leads to injury. This can be used as your warm-up or daily check-in pre-class. 

​Voting is open online to all those attending Vitality Teacher Conference and closes on November 30. Majority rules, so your vote matters. Vote here: woobox.com/jt4fs5.

Find out more and book today at Vitality Teacher Conference taking place on Friday 12 April at Energetiks VDF24 at www.vdf.com.au/teacher-conference.

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