Hong Kong Dance Company’s ‘Convergence’ comes to Sydney’s Seymour Centre

Hong Kong Dance Company.
Hong Kong Dance Company.

This July, Sydney audiences are invited to experience Convergence, a stunning fusion of martial arts and Chinese dance, brought to life by Hong Kong Dance Company (HKDC) at the Seymour Centre. There are three performances from 12 to 13 July, and this transcendent production combines power, speed and aesthetics in a display that has profound implications for dancers and choreographers globally.

Presented by Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Sydney, Convergence features choreography by the company’s award-winning Artistic Director, Yang Yuntao. It is the culmination of a collaborative study since 2018, into the rich traditions of Chinese dance and martial arts, integrating styles such as Hung Kuen, Choy Lay Fut and Fujian White Crane.

Winner of two Hong Kong Dance Awards (2003, 2006) for his outstanding dance performance, and awarded Best Artist (Dance) at the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2009, Yang Yuntao is an accomplished dancer and choreographer. He joined HKDC in 2002 as Principal Dancer. He was the company’s Assistant Artistic Director from 2007, and has been its Artistic Director since November 2013. Since being promoted to Artistic Director, Yang has won numerous awards for his HKDC choreography including Spring Ritual·Eulogy, The Legend of Mulan, winner of Outstanding Production and Outstanding Ensemble Performance at the 2014 Hong Kong Dance Awards and presented in New York, Sydney, London and Minsk, and the multi award winning Storm Clouds. Yang was awarded the Medal of Honour by the Chief Executive of the HKSAR in 2023 for his significant contributions to dance and his role in promoting and nurturing Chinese dance talent.

Yang shares his vision for this production and says, “Convergence is not just a performance; it is an evolution of our artistic journey. It represents a break from our past, charting new courses and remoulding ourselves. This fusion of external movement and internal consciousness alters our physical condition and deepens our exploration of truth and beauty in performance.”

He continues, “This production challenges our dancers to transcend traditional boundaries, offering a narrative that is as thought-provoking as it is visually mesmerising. We are excited to bring this new expression of strength and beauty to Sydney, appealing to an audience that values both innovation and tradition.”

Convergence not only highlights the skills of its dancers, including principal dancers Ho Ho-fei and Ong Tze Shen, but also incorporates innovative digital art. This melding of ancient cultures with modern music, video projections and lighting creates a surreal, dream-like atmosphere.

The performance has already garnered international acclaim, including an award for “Outstanding Online Production” at the 23rd Hong Kong Dance Awards. Critics have praised the production’s execution and unique style. US Dance Magazine remarked on the “dizzying speed and cut-glass specificity” of the dancers, describing their performances as “downright thrilling.” The Hong Kong Commercial Daily noted the work’s vigour and grace, calling it a “unique style I have never seen before.”

The acclaim continues as an excerpt from Convergence has won the 13th China Dance Lotus Awards (Contemporary Dance) in 2023, the most prestigious National Awards for Dancing in China. This award highlights the exceptional quality and innovation of HKDC’s work.

Established in 1981, HKDC is committed to promoting Chinese dance with contemporary artistic visions and Hong Kong character. Since its inception, HKDC has staged over 200 productions, many of which were highly popular and critically acclaimed making it one of the major performing arts companies in Hong Kong. As a cultural ambassador of Hong Kong, HKDC constantly brings the city’s unique artistic style to the world by touring to different cities across the globe, engaging local audiences and encouraging cultural exchange.

Don’t miss Convergence, performed by HKDC, a celebration of Hong Kong’s distinctive artistic flair supported by Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Sydney’s dedication to fostering East-meets-West cultural exchanges.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit convergencetour.com.au.

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