Scimm. Dance Company’s ‘Mechorstra’ to premiere as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival

Scimm. Dance Company presents 'Mechorstra'. Photo by TStudios.
Scimm. Dance Company presents 'Mechorstra'. Photo by TStudios.

Scimm. Dance Company is thrilled to announce its groundbreaking performance, Mechorstra, is set to captivate audiences at the 2023 Melbourne Fringe Festival. This innovative and visually stunning production delves into the dynamic relationship between movement and music. Dancers skillfully emulate an orchestra unravelling into a rock band by infusing primal energy and an electrifying state to challenge the boundaries of contemporary dance.

Mechorstra transports the audience into a realm where dancers transform into living instruments. Audiences will witness a mesmerising fusion between innovative choreography and orchestral soundscapes as the stage comes alive with the captivating interplay between movement and music. Dancers will create a unique movement style with their bodies inspired by orchestral soundscapes that will leave the audience spellbound.

Choreographed by Artistic Directors Scott Pokorny and Tim Barnes, in collaboration with the dancers, Scimm. Dance Company showcases their artistic prowess in this thought-provoking and immersive performance. Drawing inspiration from the way musicians use instruments to make sound, Mechorstra invites the audience on an enchanting journey, exploring the relationship between musician and instrument.

“The beauty of Mechorstra lies in the harmonious relationship between the dancers, the music and the instruments they are inspired by,” says Pokorny. “We aim to challenge perceptions, ignite imagination and leave a lasting impact on our audience with this brand new work.”

Featuring a talented ensemble of 14 dancers, Mechorstra promises to be an unforgettable experience for contemporary dance enthusiasts, art lovers and those seeking a unique cultural encounter. This groundbreaking production showcases Scimm. Dance Company’s commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and its innovative approach to contemporary dance.

Scimm. Dance Company’s Mechorstra will be presented as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival from 18 – 21 October, at Fringe Hub at Trades Hall – ETU Ballroom. For bookings, visit www.scimmdance.com.au.

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