Transit Dance appoints Jayden Hicks as Associate Director

Jayden Hicks
Jayden Hicks. Photo by Paul Malek

Transit Dance has announced the appointment of Jayden Hicks as its Associate Director after the company witnessed unprecedented growth with the return of face-to-face tuition.

To keep at the forefront of their industry, the Associate Director is a new position within the structure designed to offer assistance in the overall management and strategic direction of Transit Dance’s programs and courses. Jayden will work closely with the Artistic Director and Managing/Creative Director to ensure a seamless and enriching education for all students.

Jayden Hicks teaching dance at Transit Dance. Photo by Paul Malek.
Jayden Hicks teaching dance at
Transit Dance.
Photo by Paul Malek.

“I am thrilled to continue my growth within the Transit Dance ecosystem. I feel honoured everyday to be a contributor in these artists’ training. I strive to always create the safest and most inspiring learning spaces, which unlock each individual’s potential and show them the beauty and value in their uniqueness. I hold my work very close to my heart and it brings me such joy when it is appreciated and promoted,” said Jayden Hicks.

Since the pandemic—when almost all businesses within the performing arts sector fell to its knees—Transit Dance stood tall. It was with exceptional governance and vision that kept the institution afloat and harnessed all opportunities they could during remote learning to build upon the students’ confidence and skill development.  Jayden has been a core part of the governing team as Head of Transit High School Academy, navigating a very challenging time for VCE students during the pandemic.

“One of my greatest achievements is the design, structure and direction of our High School Academy. To have a space where young people can share and foster their creativity within a loving, inspiring, safe and supportive education environment makes my heart sing. School can be extremely challenging to navigate and I believe that our Academy allows its students to move through these years with a greater understanding of their creativity and personal values,” said Jayden Hicks.

Jayden Hicks on the red carpet

Jayden has been a part of Transit Dance since its inception, first as a dancer and then as a casual instructor in 2015, before being promoted to full time employee and Head of Youth Development in 2016. Jayden’s current role is Head of High School Academy, Production & Technical Manager and Teaching Associate. He remains in these roles alongside his new Associate Director role to bring his expertise across all avenues of Transit Dance.

“Jayden has been an instrumental part of Transit’s success from the start. We are thrilled to be able to promote Jayden to this new role that we feel not only reflects his abilities and commitment, but also his passion for dance education,” said Creative and Managing Director, Chris Curran.

Jayden has worked previously with Transit Dance’s Artistic Director Paul Malek on dance initiatives Project Y and Collaboration the Project. The most notable of these experiences saw Jayden nominated for a Best Dancer Green Room Award for his work in the impactful contemporary piece, Yours Truly, in 2013.

Jayden Hicks and Lauree Malek in 'Yours Truly' (2013). Photo by Belinda Strodder.
Jayden Hicks and Lauree
Malek in ‘Yours Truly.’
Photo Belinda Strodder.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jayden for over a decade now,” said Transit Dance Artistic Director, Paul Malek. “Over the last seven years, his contribution to what we as a team at Transit set out to achieve has been tremendous and impactful. I’m excited to continue working with Jayden on shaping our organisation, internal goals and community outreach moving forward.”

Transit Dance was founded in 2015 by Paul and Karen Malek who saw a need for a high quality and career-focused full time dance training institution within the dance education sector. Beginning with Contemporary dance, they created a practical, holistic and nurturing educational setting for students to build their dream career. Now expanded into Performing Arts and an array of Youth programs—including the High School Academy, Transit Dance services in excess of 150 full time students each year across all courses.

“The thing that I find most exciting about Transit is that it is completely run by versatile and hard working entrepreneurs. The base of Transit was born out of independent theatre and the collective feeling of hard work to make the best possible outcomes is what fuels every member of the Transit team. This has been in my nature through my whole career and I feel that this is my own greatest value. It’s these mentalities that Transit aims to pass onto the next generation of dance artists,” said Jayden Hicks.

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By Jessica Poulter.

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