LG SIGNATURE moves on new partnership with Sydney Dance Company

Sydney Dance Company.
Sydney Dance Company.

LG SIGNATURE, the iconic premium brand across multiple product categories from global innovator LG Electronics, has joined forces with Australia’s leading contemporary dance company, Sydney Dance Company, as a new major partner. The partnership will showcase the brand’s sophisticated products in line with its core philosophy: Art Inspires Technology, Technology Completes Art. 

For LG SIGNATURE, the sponsorship comes at a critical time when the arts in Australia are emerging from the challenges of the pandemic. As part of the collaboration, LG SIGNATURE will actively engage with Australians, sharing the brand’s message of sophisticated luxury, through supporting performances and the distribution of a new format of widely accessible dance classes from Sydney Dance Company dancers.  

Photo by Daniel Boud.
Photo by Daniel Boud.

As a celebration of the new partnership, Australians will have the opportunity to win a new Sydney Dance Company innovative hybrid experience where they are able to participate in classes from home with Classes Livestream, proudly supported by LG SIGNATURE. This new flexible initiative allows subscribers to keep dancing live with their favourite teachers and stay connected to the dance community wherever they are. It is truly a nod to Sydney Dance Company’s resilience and creativity and underscores how LG technology brings good to Australians’ daily lives through countless tiny moments.  

LG SIGNATURE will be collaborating with Sydney Dance Company to showcase the incredible skill and technique used by the company’s dancers, brought to life through a new local content experience for the brand. Set to be delivered across a number of channels in 2022, the content will allow viewers to connect with the Australian dance community and bring the mastery of Sydney Dance Company dancers into full focus. 

Gemma Lemieux, marketing director for LG Electronics Australia, said, “Sydney Dance Company is a perfect match with LG SIGNATURE, which is synonymous with premium performance and sophisticated style.​ As a brand that strongly believes in making great cultural experiences accessible to sophisticated consumers, we are pleased to be working with Sydney Dance Company to present unique and compelling experiences to dance lovers. We look forward to working closely with Sydney Dance Company to collaborate on projects that share our mutual dedication to excellence and inspiring those around us, as well as support the Australian arts and culture industry.” 

Under the artistic direction of Rafael Bonachela, Sydney Dance Company has built a reputation as one of the world’s strongest forces in contemporary dance and is a leading cultural institution, sharing Australian art with audiences around the world. It is a company that continues to create a strong and secure foundation for artists and dancers of today and the future. LG SIGNATURE is proud to be part of one of the largest online dance programs in Australia, attracting over 100,000 people a year who connect with the grace, strength and creativity that lives within us all. ​ 

Sydney Dance Company. Photo by Pedro Greig.
Sydney Dance Company. Photo by Pedro Greig.

“I am thrilled to announce that LG SIGNATURE will become a major partner of Sydney Dance Company,” Bonachela said. “LG SIGNATURE is a brand that encapsulates innovation and elegance, a perfect fit for Sydney Dance Company as we constantly strive to inspire, move and uplift audiences. I am looking forward to taking this journey withLG SIGNATURE as we join forces to share the extraordinary power of dance with the world.” 

LG SIGNATURE supports cultural institutions around the world. The partnership with Sydney Dance Company follows a long-standing partnership with the American Ballet Theatre and more recent projects with the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.  

World-renowned Danish industrial designer Torsten Valeur collaborated with LG Electronics globally to design the ultimate luxury living LG SIGNATURE product range, which launched globally in 2016. The Art of Essence, was the inspiration behind the philosophy of this product category. LG SIGNATURE products were stripped of all external features that detracted from the brand’s spirit, resulting in the streamlined look whilst delivering a sense of exclusivity to its owners.  

With the recent addition of the LG SIGNATURE Rollable TV in 2021, there are now five products in this range in Australia, including a premium Wine Cellar, a convenient TWINWash™ washing machine, a modern InstaView Door-in-Door® refrigerator and the futuristic LG OLED 8K TV.  

To learn more, visit www.lg.com/us/lg-signature.

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