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OneMusic rolls out fee-relief for customers in dance sector

OneMusic fees

OneMusic Australia has announced it will be applying fee-relief to all of its affected customers – those that were forced by Federal or State governments to close their doors for a time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The COVID-19 fee-relief for these customers will be credited to each affected customer’s account. There is nothing OneMusic customers need to do – just wait for an email in their inbox. 

Victorian businesses will not be a part of this initial campaign and will likely need additional fee-relief; OneMusic says this will be worked out at a later date. 

“As soon as the pandemic hit, we felt the fairest thing for OneMusic Australia to do was press pause on licensing affected business sectors,” OneMusic notes on its website. “We truly understand it’s been a difficult time for everyone. We watched and waited for restrictions to be lifted and then we waited some more, sensitive to the time it may take for a business to get back to pre-COVID-19 trading and the social distancing rules which reduced the number of customers allowed on-site which we have taken into account.” 

“Our music creator members have taken a huge hit to their bread-and-butter royalty income in the meantime, but it was the right thing to do to allow the music eco-system to recover,” says Annie Blair, marketing manager at OneMusic. “Hundreds of customers took the time to write to us and say thanks, which was really encouraging.” 

OneMusic has introduced live streamed allowances until 30 September, and OneMusic will cover any live streamed fitness, wellbeing and dance classes, council library sessions, community music group activities, “other” business streaming and live concerts that are hosted for its clients’ members/students/customers. You can find more details here.

Most dance and performance school customers with straightforward accounts will be notified in writing of an automatic four-month fee-relief being applied to their account. OneMusic has added some extra fee-relief as well, understanding that even when studios and schools were allowed to reopen, social distancing restricted their trade. OneMusic will contact a small group of customers with more complex music use/more complex business structures such as multiple locations to ensure those customers are given the fee-relief exactly right for them. 

For more information on OneMusic Australia and this fee-relief, visit

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