Dancenorth’s ‘Common Colours’ is named finalist in short film awards

Dancenorth's Common Colours
Dancenorth's Common Colours. Photo source: Dancenorth.com.au

Dancenorth’s Disability Ambassador, Chris Dyke, recently collaborated with Artistic Director Kyle Page and videographer Robert Crispe to creat Common Colours, a short film that takes inspiration from the Holi Festival and the celebration of colour. The film has recently been named as a finalist in the NOVA Employment 2019 Focus On Ability (FOA) Short Film Awards. FOA is designed to encourage filmmakers to focus on the ability of people with disability.

“Since meeting in 2013, Chris and I have formed an unshakable creative bond and have been working together as friends and collaborators ever since,” Page said. “Our first major collaboration led to the development of Lionheart, a solo performed by Chris that premiered at the Australian Youth Dance Festival in 2017. Common Colours represents the next phase in our creative journey.”

This year’s FOA had 245 entries, including 104 school entries and 61 international films. Last year, screenings were held around Australia, in New Zealand, New York, Zimbabwe and Malawi, and this year, the competition received entries from 26 countries.

“Focus is a constant source of amazement for me,” said Martin Wren, CEO of NOVA Employment. “It came as a random thought bubble: ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if we could use the medium of film to highlight the ability of people with disability?’ It could change the world! FOA changes attitudes about people with disability, and this is important because it’s the first step toward an inclusive society.”

Common Colours premiered earlier this year as part of The BOLD Festival 2019. “The BOLD Festival was thrilled to be able to present Common Colours at our event this year,” said Liz Lea, artistic director of Liz Lea Dance and director of DANscienCE. “The film brought a new aspect to our mixed bill that evening as the only film presented. It was very strongly received and absolutely supported BOLD’s inclusive programming policy. Films like these are an excellent way for artists to share their work widely in a country as large as Australia. I wish the film and the team all the very best as international interest surely beckons.”

In addition, Australian Dance Theatre will present Common Colours as part of the Rough Draft program on July 12. Rough Draft is a space for free thinking and feeling, and a venue for innovative local artists to share in their process and growth of their work and ideas as they are made.

To view Common Colours, visit vimeo.com/321949859.

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