Dancenorth announces 2019 A.R.T. residency program

Dancenorth in 'Tectonic'. Photo courtesy of Dancenorth.

Throughout 2019, Dancenorth will continue its commitment to increase support within the sector, through the Artist Residency in the Tropics (A.R.T.) program. With funding through the Ian Potter Foundation, the Dancenorth Artistic Capacity and Leadership Development Program will provide myriad opportunities to dancers and dance makers by way of residencies, mentorships, secondments and employment.

Dancenorth aims to continue to foster deep, meaningful relationships with emerging dancers, choreographers and art makers through the A.R.T. program, which offers independent art practitioners the opportunity to live and work in the pristine environs of Tropical North Queensland, a landscape conducive to creativity. A.R.T. residents are afforded time and space away from the familiarity of their usual surroundings, enabling not only space for reflection, research and development but also entirely new experiences from which to draw creative inspiration.

Dancenorth's A.R.T. program. Photo by Amber Haines.

Dancenorth’s A.R.T. program. Photo by Amber Haines.

In 2019, Dancenorth will offer three residencies focusing on diversity, cultural practice, dance and community engagement. Dancenorth will offer opportunities not only to independent dancers but also to arts companies, community groups and individual artists seeking support for an arts-related project.

The A.R.T. residencies provide an invaluable mentoring opportunity, connecting the practitioners with Dancenorth Artistic Director Kyle Page, Associate Artistic Director Amber Haines, Executive Director Hillary Coyne and the Dancenorth Ensemble. A.R.T. provides an invaluable opportunity for the sharing of knowledge and creative reciprocal exchange.

“We are deeply grateful to all of the organisations and individuals that have helped us grow over the last few years and are enormously humbled to find ourselves in a position to give back to this incredible industry through our Residency Program,” Page says.

For more information, visit www.dancenorth.com.au.

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