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Sydney Australia Dance Photography
Photo by Jacqueline Clarke Mitchell.

Dance Informa recently interviewed talented photographer and former dancer Jacqueline Clarke Mitchell, who shared what it was like to give up performing due to injury and circumstance, and to find her passion in photography. Mitchell, who has experienced great success in this endeavor, is now balancing this work with teaching ballet full time. 

Sydney Dance Photographer

Headshot by Jacqueline Clarke Mitchell.

When asked how she sees the world through her lens, Mitchell said ’70s and rose-colored, a place “where everyone is colorfully dressed (or undressed) and permanently on holiday with a cocktail in hand”. She tries to create “the most relaxed, fun scenarios as possible”.

She said, “Shooting outdoors or inside old buildings where I can play with shadows and textures is my usual go-to. I’m still working on a distinct photographic style, but for now my constant is film. I love the grain, nostalgia, tone and tactility it brings to the image and overall experience.”

Her favourite part of working with dancers is their bodily awareness and confidence.  “I love being able to say things like, ‘face croisé, open your shoulders, think of an effacé line’, and they immediately move into position,” she confessed. 

Her advice to dancers wanting a high-quality headshot and/or creative shoot is to find a photographer whose style they absolutely love. She also recommended investing in a makeup artist whenever possible. “Invest in yourself and trust in the value of quality photos,” she said. 

Excitingly, Jacqueline Clarke Mitchell is now partnering with Dance Informa to give away two of her Bronze Packages, valued at $250 each. These packages award a dancer one professional headshot and two dance shots in two outfits of their choice. Dancers can enter to win one of these exclusive photo shoots by emailing with the answer to this question: How does Jacqueline Clarke Mitchell describe the world she sees through her lens? Title your email entry “Jacqueline Clarke Mitchell Giveaway” and include your full name, age and mailing address. This competition opens March 20 and closes April 20, 2019.

Addressing why it’s important of have professional photos, Mitchell said, “A professional headshot is the most important and effective tool in your resume. As a dancer you are the face of your business, so your headshot essentially becomes your logo. It is often the first image the director sees of you and it is important that you’re represented in the best light to attract optimum results and professional jobs from respected companies.” 

“As an artist it is also important that your photographs are honest and allow your personality, style and energy to shine through. A photograph can be shaped more by the person behind the camera than the one in front, so it is important that you choose a photographer whose work you really love,” Mitchell said.

On her future goals, Mitchell said she hopes to work with “established fashion/dance labels and to travel as much as possible creating images that capture the artistry and soul of movement”.

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