Sydney hosts the brand new March Dance festival

Anja Mujic. Photo by Christian Scott.
Anja Mujic. Photo by Christian Scott.

March 2019 sees the first of a brand new dance festival in Sydney, March Dance. Created to shine the spotlight on independent dance and celebrate the dynamic ongoing work of dance artists and organisations here in the City of Sydney.

“There has been a feeling of a gap in Sydney with dance for a long time” says Festival Manager Anthea Doropoulos. “In Sydney we have a rich and vibrant contemporary dance scene however it can sometimes get lost as there is not one place where it all happens in one moment.”

Brianna Kell. Photo by Kate Disher-Quill.

Brianna Kell. Photo by Kate Disher-Quill.

“March Dance came out of conversations with Claire Hicks (Critical Path), Julie-Anne Long (ReadyMade Works) and myself (DirtyFeet) wanting to raise the profile of independent contemporary dance in Sydney, to celebrate what is happening and to make some new opportunities for dance to reach into different spaces and to audiences across Sydney.”

“Our aims are to celebrate the very vibrant contemporary dance sector in Sydney, raise awareness of the independent dance artists in Sydney, promote contemporary dance in Sydney and encourage joint working across Sydney to support contemporary dance practice.”

With some of the issues facing independent dancer in Sydney including lack of space, funding and opportunities for sharing of new works, Doropoulos is working on goals for the future of the festival and the growth of the Sydney sector “I would like to be able to have funds to pay artists and partner with more venues.  For me it really comes down to what the artists want. I want to be able to support the independent dance artists as a Producer and give them the opportunities they deserve.”

Ivey Wawn. Photo by Keelan O'Hehir.

Ivey Wawn. Photo by Keelan O’Hehir.

At last count, the inaugural festival involves 95 artists and 15 Sydney-based organisations: Brand X, Critical Path, De Quincy Co, DirtyFeet, FORM dance projects, Legs on the Wall, Murmuration, PACT and ReadyMade Works. The program is packed with 85 events ranging from dance lectures, performances, workshops and sharings. “There is something for everyone whether you are new to dance, a dance lover, a dancer, an artist, any age there is a chance to get involved on many levels.”

The festival also includes many free and accessible events and is suitable for all budget levels. “There are more free events that ticketed so hit up all the free events they are excellent! With a budget my picks would be…. and this is really hard! The Artists Mind, Double Dance Bill, DirtyFeet Alumni and Happy Hour. But March Dance is rich in variety from new works, works in developments, workshops and artists that are emerging to artists that are established. Any day or night in March you will want to be a part of what the day holds.”

See the full March Dance festival program at www.marchdance.com/contact.

By Elle Evangelista of Dance Informa.

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