Chunky Move Artistic Director Anouk van Dijk steps down

Chunky Move Artistic Director and CEO
Anouk van Dijk. Photo by Sarah Walker.

After seven years at the helm of Chunky Move, Artistic Director Anouk van Dijk has announced her decision to step down.

Chunky Move

Anouk van Dijk. Photo by Szilvia Sztankovits.

Chunky Move Chair Leigh O’Neill thanked van Dijk and acknowledged her contribution to the company, “Anouk has introduced a fresh perspective on contemporary dance to Melbourne, and to Australia, whilst continuing Chunky Move’s legacy of supporting the development of artists and leading important cultural conversations through the company’s work. She brings a highly rigorous and visceral approach to choreography, centering the dancer as a key creative force, and has nurtured a new generation of dancers and artists across disciplines.”

Anouk van Dijk thanked the company administrators, dancers, fellow artists and Board for their support.

“After seven years of leading Chunky Move, a cycle is coming to an end, and I will be resigning as artistic director to pursue other national and international opportunities,” van Dijk said. “Leading Chunky Move has been an enormous honour, and truly one of the most important and meaningful experiences of my career. True to our mission, all of my work with the team at Chunky Move has sought to expand the boundaries of what is traditionally considered dance. I have taken works outside of the regular performance spaces, many of them have involved artists from different disciplines, and all of my projects have strived for a unique and audacious artistic premise.”


Chunky Move performed ‘Lucid’ by Anouk van Dijk in 2016. Photo by Pippa Samaya.

She continued, “Besides pursuing my artistic interests, it has been equally important to me to build on the organisation’s reputation as an artistic hub for choreographers, performers and artistic collaborators that not only excels artistically, but also reflects the diversity of Australia’s society on stage.”

She said she’s “incredibly thankful” to Melbourne audiences, who have welcomed her work “so warmly”.

“My deepest gratitude goes out to the many talented artists that I’ve worked with, in particular the dancers. It has been a privilege to witness a new generation of extraordinarily talented dance artists come to fruition, and it has been an honour and great inspiration to guide them, to create with them and to learn so much in return,” said van Dijk.

Looking to the future, she said she’ll continue working on Countertechnique and she’ll seek opportunities with bigger companies.

Anouk van Dijk

Countertechnique Founder Anouk van Dijk teaching a class. Photo courtesy of Countertechnique.

“With the growing success of my movement system Countertechnique worldwide, and my interest to work with larger ensembles, I now wish to take up other opportunities nationally and internationally.”

Anouk van Dijk took over from Chunky Move’s Founding Director Gideon Obarzanek in 2011. Her formal leadership concludes on December 31, 2018, however she will remain closely associated with Chunky Move to present a work in early 2019.

A search for a new artistic director will commence in September.

For more information on Chunky Move, which is based in Southbank, VIC, visit www.chunkymove.com.

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