Luanne Hyson of DanceBourne Arts Talks ‘Pointe, Line and Surface’

DanceBourne Arts presents 'Pointe, Line and Surface'

“I always envisioned myself as having a company which brings experienced dancers and other artists together in collaboration,” says Luanne Hyson, founder and artistic director of DanceBourne Arts. “I also believe there needs to be much more opportunity and support for female artists.”

A collaborative group of professional performing artists, DanceBourne Arts aims to promote knowledge and understanding of the arts using classically-based dance as a canvas for “multidisciplinary collaborations”.

DanceBourne Arts presents 'Pointe, Line and Surface'

DanceBourne Arts presents ‘Pointe, Line and Surface’. Photo by Kristina Kingston.

The name reflects the purpose. “’DanceBourne’ represents that all members of the company are coming from dance, born to dance, this is our base, and ‘Arts’ is the openness and need for dance to collaborate with other art forms,” explains Hyson.

With a series of studio development showings under its belt, the company is now preparing for its first stage production, which will take place this month at the Clocktower Centre Theatre, Moonee Ponds, Melbourne. The premiere project, Pointe, Line and Surface, is a triple bill of all-female quartets exploring the themes of “technique, alignment and movement and the evolution of classical dance through time”.

The first work, Pointe (Pas de Quatre), pays tribute to Marie Taglioni, with romantic choreography based on the original by Jules Perrot. Anne Butler’s Line (Tesana), set to an original score by Melbourne composer Luke Serrano, explores the timeless feminine themes of Etruscan mythology. The final piece, Womanhood (Surface), by Wei Wei Zhang, addresses the role of women in modern society, asking: have social pressure and our own beliefs restrained us from fully exploring our unique gifts?

So far, the company has been met with much support and is steadily building a solid reputation. “The audience understands when there is a true concept behind a project, and they respond with interest and curiosity,” says Hyson. “I believe experienced artists represent humanity, and the audience appreciates.”

DanceBourne Arts presents 'Pointe, Line and Surface'.

DanceBourne Arts presents ‘Pointe, Line and Surface’. Photo by Kristina Kingston.

Besides audience support, DanceBourne Arts has received much in-kind assistance, including the work of photographers, composers, designers and teachers. Pointe, Line and Surface is funded via donations received through the Australian Cultural Fund.

Finding funding, of course, has been a challenge, but conceiving and developing the project has made up for the difficulty. For Hyson, it’s all about “connecting with other artists, utilising the talents of all members…. the creative rehearsal process and performing as a group.”

The company now looks forward to its stage premiere, which promises to be a night of quality dance, music and art. And in the future, the wider vision for DanceBourne Arts includes being a fully funded company promoting dance in harmony with the other arts, and supporting female dance artists to reach their full potential.

“If you are passionate and true,” says Hyson, “all is possible!”

Pointe, Line and Surface plays at 7.30pm on Sunday, October 11, 2015, at the Clocktower Centre Theatre, Moonee Ponds, Melbourne. Please visit

By Rain Francis of Dance Informa.

Photo (top): DanceBourne Arts presents ‘Pointe, Line and Surface’. Photo by Kristina Kingston.

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