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How to succeed in full time dance: Advice from Sarah Boulter and Lisa Bowmer of Ev&Bow

By Rebecca Martin of Dance Informa

Australia’s most renowned dance institutions are getting ready for their full time auditions in the coming months, including Sydney’s Ev&Bow, run by powerhouse team Sarah Boulter and Lisa Bowmer.

If you’re lucky enough to be accepted into a full time dance course, what are you going to do to make sure you succeed? Here Dance Informa speaks to Sarah Boutler and Lisa Bowmer to gain helpful insight into how you can make the most of your full time dance training.

What do you expect from your full time students in terms of etiquette, attendance and hard work?

Ev&Bow regards discipline as an integral part of a student’s training. Classroom and rehearsal etiquette are of the utmost importance. We believe our students thrive on hard work and gain personal outcomes more quickly. An excellent team working dynamic is encouraged in the Ev&Bow classrooms.

How can a student stand out in class or rehearsal?

We believe a student can stand out in class or rehearsal by bringing their own personal style and commitment. We love the individuality and uniqueness that every dancer has within. Making choices to commit to working hard and really going for every opportunity given, are excellent tools to take on board.

SYTYCD 2014, Sarah Boulter

Sarah Boulter’s choreography performed on SYTYCD Australia by two Ev&Bow students Maddie and Eden.

What is your advice for preventing and dealing with injuries?

Injuries unfortunately come with the territory of a physical activity. We believe that nurturing the body through good nutrition, body maintenance and awareness of physicality are the best ways to deal with preventing the onset of injury! We also advise our dancers to ice, ice, ice, in order to keep injuries at bay!

If a student were struggling physically or emotionally with the demands of the course, what would your advice be?

It is normal to have high and low points throughout your year’s training. Don’t lose focus of why you dance and try to keep the passion alive during low times. Draw upon positive energy from your peers.

What do you think a graduating student would wish they had known when they commenced their full time course?

Don’t waste a single moment! Your full time year will pass so quickly. Really appreciate every minute of your training, before you know it you will be standing on the stage in your Graduation performance.

Any other general tips or advice?

Don’t take your training for granted. Appreciate every opportunity you are given, and use it to become the best version of yourself that you can.

If you’re interested in full time dance, make sure to check out Dance Informa’s 2014 Full Time Dance & Auditions Guide: The 2015 Guide will be released in July.

Watch Eden and Maddie, past students of Ev&Bow, with Jordan perform Sarah Boulter’s choreography on So You Think You Can Dance Australia, Season 4.–maddie-jordan-eden

Photo (top): Courtesy of Ev&Bow.

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