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Sydney Dance Company – Shared Frequencies

Sydney Theatre
March 2011

By Dolce Fisher.

This season Sydney Dance Company got it right! With an array of talent across dance, music and design working seamlessly together, Shared Frequencies was a masterpiece.

Italy’s Jacopo Godani premiered his newly commissioned work, Raw Models. Dressed in all black and set to music by German duo 48nord, the dancers captured Godani’s style. The influence of William Forsythe on Godani’s choreography is visible, but I can happily say that he has a style of his own.

Raw Models opened with stark white light and a loud musical introduction that got the audience’s attention from the first moment. With the stage set as a giant black box and the dancers in black costuming, the strong bright lighting became very visually conflicting. The dancers were almost insect looking at times but this was then contrasted with softer more balletic movement.

LANDforms, by Rafael Bonachela and musician Ezio Bosso can only be described as a creative match made in heaven. Artistically the pair seem to understand each other – as the season’s title suggests they do in fact share the same frequency. The combination of music, dance and design complemented one another with simplicity, yet complexity.

The choreography was danced seamlessly, but it was nothing simple. There were many canons, not only using movement, but also spacial patterns, powerful jumps, and intricate partner work.

The choreography featured individual dancers with several short solos. There is something unique about new company member Andrew Crawford. He drew our attention from the first moment of his solo. Chen Wen’s dynamics and attack were outstanding.  His grand jeté in second was breathtaking.

Ezio Bosso’s music is quite intoxicating, written for only the piano, cello and violin. It needed nothing more, except to be recorded, so it can be enjoyed again and again! Katie Noonan’s voice was haunting and completed Bosso’s score.  What was unique about this show was that both works featured newly commissioned musical scores. As contemporary dance is rarely performed to live music, this show is a must see.

Shared Frequencies was brilliant. All of the dancers must be commended. Their level of expertise was phenomenal. The dancers were so in tune with each other, as they too seemed to be on the same frequency.

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