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Step up to full time dance in 2023/24

Full Time Dance Guide 2023/24.
Full Time Dance Guide 2023/24.

Making the transition to full time dance training is a big leap. It’s when you put your best foot forward and audition for people who know what they’re looking for when it comes to employable dancers. And with the world really reopening again, there are lots of opportunities out there whether you’ve set your sights on a company, the West End or Broadway, or the bright lights of commercial dance.

So how do you know what to look for when deciding who you want to audition for?

Find the right course.

No one dance shoe fits all. It’s important to find the right course for you. One that suits your experience or allows you to expand when you know there are gaps. But there are lots of options out there. We’re here to save you time.

Todd Patrick.
Todd Patrick of Patrick School of the Arts, Melbourne. is updated year-round but especially during audition season. lists the courses available for 2023/24 studies and their upcoming audition dates or ongoing application process, all in one handy easy-to-navigate site. It presents all the information you need in a consistent, easy-to-compare, single location.

Choosing the right course for you is the key to future success. You may prefer one genre over another, you may wish to combine dance with more academic studies, you may want to graduate industry-ready with feet-first experience as you learn. Whatever your priorities are, be sure to do your homework and explore everything on offer.

So, what are directors looking for?

A surefire way to know what a director is looking for is to hear it direct from the horse’s mouth. At, you can ‘Meet the Directors’ and hear what they have to say about their programs and their priorities.

For instance, Musical Theatre legend Kelly Aykers says, “The first thing I look for is an open energy and a willingness to take direction.”

Whilst Todd Patrick of Patrick Studios says, “Attitude, work ethic, and physical and vocal potential.”

Knowing your audience, even in an audition setting, can help you stand out. Our advice is to do your homework and find out more about the directors themselves. 

Venturing into the unknown

Taking this next step might include relocating or immersing yourself fully in a new environment. Whether you are considering a classical or commercial path, there are courses all around Australia waiting to see you light up the dance floor. But we get that the unknown can also sometimes be scary. That’s why we give you a glimpse behind the scenes and a chance to watch videos that lift the curtain on what to expect.

Kelly Aykers at VDF's Vitality Teacher Day. Photo by Deb Cantoni Photography.
Kelly Aykers at VDF’s Vitality Teacher Day. Photo by Deb Cantoni Photography.

For example, this film from WAAPA brings together perspectives from students, staff to demonstrate the exciting projects students might be involved in during the course of their training

Whilst this film from ED5 International who are celebrating 20 years this year lets you see a medley of their students in action.

Discover how to succeed. also features a collection of Dance Informa articles designed to help you prepare for your auditions and for life in full time training. Browse everything from “Audition Success Secrets” and “5 Tips for Learning Choreography Quickly” to “Steps To Get Your Professional House In Order: Social, Websites, Resumes And More”. You can view the full selection of articles here.

Auditions are already underway, and many offer appointment-only or video submissions. Head to now and immerse yourself in research before making a commitment to your future in full time dance!

By Nichola Hall of Dance Informa.

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