‘Resound’: Sydney Dance Company’s triple bill 

Stephanie Lake's 'The Universe is Here'. Photo by Pedro Greig.
Stephanie Lake's 'The Universe is Here'. Photo by Pedro Greig.

Sydney Dance Company will present its triple bill, Resound, from 28 October – 5 November. Tracing an arc of emotions that move from a dark turbulent interrogation of recent times through to burgeoning buoyant optimism, Resound is a program of three unique dance works by Rafael Bonachela and Stephanie Lake that will ignite your senses.

Sydney Dance Company is thrilled to commission The Universe is Here by multi-award winning choreographer Stephanie Lake. A world premiere by the visionary Australian dance artist fuses boundary-pushing movement with a complex and uplifting electronic score to bring blistering light to the stage in a fizzing dreamscape. Ambitious, euphoric and explosive, Lake’s new work will feature incredible collaborators including costume design by Harriet Oxley and music composed by Robin Fox. This is thrilling and dynamic dance that hits you in the solar plexus.     

The second half of the program delivers another world premiere. Summer, featuring the evocative score Cicadidae by Australian composer Kate Moore recorded by the Australian String Quartet, this new work by Rafael Bonachela captures the lightness of a world turning over a new leaf. The aural backdrop is the quintessential sound of summer and with costumes by the incomparable masters of colour, Romance was Born, Summer will set your spirits soaring.

Bonachela’s acclaimed work, Ocho, makes a welcome return to the stage. Featuring a driving score by Nick Wales, with the haunting vocals of Aboriginal artist Rrawun Maymuru and powerful set design by David Fleischer, Ocho won rave reviews from audiences and critics alike when it premiered in 2017. Set in a stark, glass room, eight dancers search for salvation and connection, finding a salve for the troubles of the world. 

For more information, visit www.sydneydancecompany.com.

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