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How to create more freedom in your studio through leadership

Studio Expansion.

Today, I dive into the “L” word. 

Leadership is a concept which some studio owners shy away from, as it can be difficult to truly step into this role when you wear so many hats in the studio.

When I have seen studio owners not only embrace leadership but truly step into the CEO role of their business, we start to see a ripple effect through all aspects of their business and personal life.

Here, I sit down with Phi Nelson. Nelson is one of our longest clients at Studio Expansion. Her story is a remarkable journey to becoming an empowered studio owner and leading her team to another level of success and complete freedom. 

Nelson lives an hour away from her studio and only goes in there once a week. Here, you will learn the complete systemised secret which allowed her to do this.

The time and flexibility Nelson has created is what I wish for so many studio owners.

Check out the conversation here. Go ahead and dive in!

Are you ready for more students, more growth, more profitability and more freedom? Are you ready to be stretched and supported into becoming the finest studio owner you can be, while being part of a collective of studio owners who are redefining studio business globally? 

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By Chantelle Bruinsma of Studio Expansion.

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