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The mysterious ‘Sounds Of Digital’ at March Dance

'Sounds Of Digital'.

Online, as part of March Dance.
17 March 2021.

Sounds Of Digital is a striking interactive event, part film, part workshop developed by Adrina Petrosian and Jon Saroglu.

It is part sound and visual journey immersed in a nature landscape and partly what the viewer does in their own environment – a combination of electronic sounds and ideas. The accompanying workshop helps us ground ourselves observing our body, allow the space for mind and body to connect and use our breath to commune with our surroundings, focusing on being present in the moment.

The film has a voiceover that questions our sense of self and identity – who am ‘I’ and what do we mean when we say ‘I’?, how we connect with the universe, explore our body, and how it interacts with nature and others. It also tells us that ‘you are something the whole universe is doing.’

It is a mysterious work — quite strange and surrealist, dreamlike and kaleidoscopic at times or pulsating with a rather psychedelic swirling circle.

There are ominous birds (as in the Hitchcock movie) and use of a large revolving staircase. Mountains, fog and mist inform the aerial landscape as we seek to commune with nature. There are stairs that lead to a door.

At one point, there is a close-up of an eye, which turns into an arm and a radiating circle of the arm and hand, again quite surrealist in style. Suddenly, a green leafy background appears.

The film then cuts to a window and the churning circle, then a bank of TV screens which segue to trees and a forest. We then return to the madly revolving staircase which becomes the set of very long stairs leading to the door. In conclusion, the screen fills with delicate lacy trees and the radiating circle. 

Sounds Of Digital is part of March Dance, various dates 17-31 March.

By Lynne Lancaster of Dance Informa.

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