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Dance Forever brings Glam’r Gear to Australia

Glam'r Gear Changing Station
Glam'r Gear Changing Station

Aussie dancers, rejoice! The coveted Glam’r Gear range has finally dropped in Australia, exclusively at Dance Forever. Glam’r Gear’s innovative products – previously only accessible to Aussies willing to import them – are now shoppable on the new Dance Forever marketplace. Glam’r Gear is a huge brand in the USA and, now that they’ve finally arrived on Aussie shores, there’s a definite buzz in the air.

Glam’r Gear Changing Station
dance duffle can store everything you need for performance and competition.

Their best-selling Changing Station™ is where it all began. Glam’r Gear’s founders were unable to find a bag that fully met their needs when taking their children to competitions, so they decided to design and patent their own. The dance duffel-style Changing Station features a hanging rack that doubles as a wardrobe, a privacy curtain, an optional stool, and various organisational features (including a thermal pocket for food and drink). It’s also weather, dirt and dust repellant, manoeuvres easily on four spinning wheels, and comes in a range of ultra-glittery colours. It’s the ultimate dance bag, and so much more.

Space is always a premium at competitions and performances, so having the ability to quickly set up a private area to get changed and hang multiple costumes is a game-changer. Glam’r Gear also offer a range of complimentary accessories – Dance Forever stock their clear garment bags, hanging shoe organiser and hanging cosmetic bag so you can get the full matching set.

Glamr Gear bag with Privacy Curtain
The changing curtain is perfect for
privacy backstage.

One of Glam’r Gear’s most exciting products is much tinier. Every dancer knows what it’s like trying to keep track of hair pins – they turn up everywhere, but never when you need one. Glam’r Gear’s Bobby Buddy™ is a small magnetic tray that easily collects bobby pins, needles, and safety pins. Its convenient hook means you can hang it on your changing station; in the car; in your bathroom, or anywhere you need your hair pins – in fact many Glam’r Gear customers have purchased more than one. The phrase, “I’ve got 99 bobby pins but I can’t find one” no longer applies.

Browsing Glam’r Gear’s product range is easy via Dance Forever’s user-friendly site. In addition to Glam’r Gear, shoppers can find other global brands and local Australian stockists on one central platform. Shipping is fast or customers can choose to click and collect from a local seller. 

In the fast-paced dance world, products that make life a little bit easier are exactly what we need. Glam’r Gear’s mission is to empower dancers and entertainers with awesome gear to do just that – to make your life simple so you can focus on your art. Now they’ve finally made it to Australia, we have a feeling they’re here to stay.

Shop Glam’r Gear at Dance Forever here.

Article by Emily Newton-Smith of Dance Informa.

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