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Marriage and running a studio: How to make it work

Studio Expansion's 'Marriage and running a studio'.

Studio Expansion offers Behind the Studio Door, where studio owners share real stories and real experiences of what it really takes to run a successful studio. 

How many of you are running a studio as a married couple or as a partnership? It can have its challenges, and it can also be a beautiful combination of two people loving what they do. 

In this episode of Behind the Studio Door, Studio Expansion CEO and Founder Chantelle Bruinsma sits down with Mosman Dance Academy owners Adam and Jasmin McDougall, who are a powerhouse couple. We have admired how Adam and Jasmin do business together, and during the chat, we dive into the ins and outs of marriage and running a studio. 

You will get an insight into what has kept them accountable as a team and how they have made this marriage in business and life work so well. Adam and Jasmin have a beautiful story to share, and even if you are a solo studio owner, there is so much you can gain out of this information. 

Visit Studio Expansion for this episode of Behind the Studio Door, Marriage and Running a Studio, or view the video below.  

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By Chantelle Bruinsma of Studio Expansion.

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