Musical theatre performer Debora Krizak launches candle company

The Really Useless Candle Company.
The Really Useless Candle Company.

New, quirky and irreverent candle brand The Really Useless Candle Company, founded by musical theatre performerDebora Krizak, is setting the home décor world on fire with the launch of its unique and cheeky candles. These conversation starting candles will not only light up these dark COVID times, but their touché slogans promise to bring a much-needed smile to their customers’ faces. With Australia-wide shipping, candles can be ordered and delivered as a great gift for friends and family at reallyuselesscandleco.com.au.

The Australian made and hand poured candles are made from 100 percent natural soy wax and are zinc and lead-free. Customers can choose from a black or white candle, a choice of six scents plus their preferred slogan. Slogans give a nod to anything from musicals to movies, occasions or give the proverbial two fingers up toward COVID-19. Examples of slogans include: “WHAT IS IT YOU CAN’T FACE?”, “SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY”, “I’M THAT FRIEND THAT CALLS WHEN YOU TEXT”, “LET’S GET LIT” and many more. 

The Really Useless Candle Company.
The Really Useless Candle Company.

Founder and owner of The Really Useless Candle Company, as well as professional musical theatre performer, bird lover and mother of twins, Krizak is proud to launch the new candle brand during these crazy COVID times. “My idea to start this business was created during the dreaded COVID-19 when I lost all of my work as a performing artist and needed to find a way to fuel my creative soul,” she explains. “The Really Useless Candle Company was created out of my simple love of candles and a need to express myself. So here I am, sharing some of my favourite ‘slightly cheeky’ thoughts on a candle in a world that has become far too PC for my liking. I hope you can share in my humour.” 

All candles in The Really Useless Candle Company collection are medium-sized moulded glass tumblers with a burn time of 35 hours. They are made of 100 percent natural soy wax, hand-made and poured in Australia, and are zinc- and lead-free. Current pricing is $29.99 each plus $10 postage and handling including gift box and personalized message.

The candles contain all-natural fragrance oils, derived from nature using a combination of essential oils, natural isolates and natural solvents. Descriptions of the scents were supplied by Krizak’s 12-year-old children and their friends. Scents include: 50 Shades of Summer (sugar crystals on fresh bed sheets), Goddess (baby powder fairy floss), Tiramisu (Dad’s favourite dessert that has alcohol in it), Raspberry Sorbet (raspberry Panadol), Coconut Colada (coconut dropped in a creamy cocktail), Brandy Snap (Grandma’s Christmas pudding) and Fresh Air Feels (pjs straight out of the tumble dryer). 

For more information to purchase the candles, visit reallyuselesscandleco.com.au. You can find The Really Useless Candle Company on Facebook and Instagram: @ReallyUselessCandleCo. 

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