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Acrobatic Arts offers live online teacher training

Acrobatic Arts.
Acrobatic Arts. Photo courtesy of Mandy Yip.

For a limited time, Acrobatic Arts is offering live online teacher training and certification. You can learn how to implement a safe and effective AcroDance program that your students will love. 

Acrobatic Arts.

Acrobatic Arts course conductors will be accompanied by a student dancer to demonstrate proper spotting, progressions and technique, similar to in-person courses. Teachers will receive the Acrobatic Arts manual (including the full curriculum), gain certification and have the opportunity to attend an in-person course free of charge when Acrobatic Arts and teachers are able to gather again. 

The training will be done via Zoom. Teachers interested in participating on this platform must have a willing student or family member with them during the course whom they will spot. The demonstrator should be capable of a strong bridge, handstand and cartwheel. 

Acrobatic Arts online teacher training.

This course covers the first half of the Acrobatic Arts syllabus, from Primary to Level 6. During this course, teachers will learn proper placement and technique for the foundations of AcroDance, including handstands, cartwheels and bridges. Teachers will learn proper spotting techniques, basic anatomy, AcroDance transitions and lesson planning. The skill level for this course ends at Level 6 in the Acrobatic Arts syllabus (back walkovers, front chest stands, assisted handstands) and is prerequisite for Acrobatic Arts Module Two. Module One Certified teachers can register dancers for exams up to Level 6. 

Acrobatic Arts online teacher training.

These courses sell out quickly, as a maximum of only 15 participants and two course conductors will be participating, which allows for ample time with the expert Acrobatic Arts instructors. 

Teachers who certify with Acrobatic Arts are eligible to use the Acrobatic Arts name in their marketing and promotions. Certified teachers are also eligible to utilise the company’s logo, syllabus, systems, resources and access to online forums and the ‘certified members’ area of the Acrobatic Arts website. 

For more information and to book a spot, click here.

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