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Maintaining and developing your craft during the COVID-19 pandemic

coronavirus resources for dancers

The challenges of COVID-19 are particularly difficult for professional dancers and those in professional training. Those artists who require daily physical training and tutoring to elite level, as well as space to practice this in, are being required to stop their daily training routines. In these unprecedented times, there are a number of things you can do to maintain your form and continue to develop your skills, and many of them are free. This might be your opportunity to try something that you haven’t had time or access to before.  

#1. You could focus on conditioning work.

What are your areas of weakness? Perhaps this is from an injury or is contributed to chronic injury or weakness. What are the recommendations from physio and conditioning specialists to develop this area? If you don’t know, many physios are offering online consults during this time. You can target your work with them to your areas of weakness. There are also groups offering free online sessions such as Heal Yourself and Move, which is offering free online classes every Friday.

Sense of Power Pilates is offering live community Pilates matwork class sessions via its Instagram: @SenseOfPowerPilates.

#2. You could focus on expanding your theoretical knowledge.

What don’t you know about? Is it about elements of different styles, performance psychology or anatomy? Explore your library’s digital resources for free. Or consider investing in something like The Anatomy Colouring Book, which will not only extend your knowledge, but it is also a super fun and relaxing way to deepen your understanding of anatomy. 

#3. You could push the furniture aside and make do in the space you have.

Amongst the offerings that are for professionals or those in professional training in Australia are Tasdance and Sydney Dance Company. 

Tasdance is live streaming classes for free from its specially activated Tasdance TV platform. The classes are run by its public programs tutors in hip hop, contemporary and ballet. Tasdance has started off with an awesome introductory hip hop class taught by Benge Allen. It is great quality video and instruction and available at any time. 

Sydney Dance Company has released Virtual Studio, with online access to its public classes. The classes are $12, and you need to connect to the class at the advertised time. It is not offered to stream at all times. 

Lucy Guerin Inc has announced that the company has repurposed its morning class schedule to offer free online morning classes. Classes for Small Spaces is a spin off from its performance program Pieces for Small Spaces. Week One commenced with yoga with Jo Lloyd. For future offerings, click here or stay connected at

With so many interesting things and resources, how can you stay still?

By Tamara Searle of Dance Informa.

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