Scimm Dance Company is creating platforms for young dancers

Scott Pokorny and Tim Barnes of Scimm Dance Company. Photo by Sean Higgins.
Scott Pokorny of Scimm Dance Company. Photo by Sean Higgins.

Scott Pokorny of Scimm Dance Company. Photo by Sean Higgins.

Melbourne-based independent company Scimm Dance Company has announced auditions for its youth dance company’s 2019 season. Scott Pokorny, co-director of Scimm Dance, says, “We produce high quality professional contemporary dance works, but we are also trying to educate the young and upcoming dancers in how to prepare for the professional industry. It is so important that as creatives with this kind of platform, we provide the dance community with as much knowledge and creativity as we possibly can.”

Pokorny runs Scimm Dance with Timothy Barnes. They describe Scimm Dance as following a classical ballet and contemporary aesthetic, fused with a commercial entertainment edge. This aesthetic is informed by both of their careers as dancers. Pokorny danced professionally for nine years as a ballet and contemporary dancer in Australia and overseas, and Barnes performed with independent contemporary ballet companies, danced on cruise ships and worked with artists such as Zoe Badwi, Red Foo and Kylie Minogue. 

Scimm Dance Company's Kallee Richardson. Photo by Sean Higgins.

Scimm Dance Company’s Kallee Richardson. Photo by Sean Higgins.

Pokorny says he created Scimm Dance with Barnes to be able to provide an opportunity for dancers. “Unfortunately, there are just not enough jobs available,” he says. “I wanted to create something for a niche group of dancers who were getting lost and overlooked in the dance community and give them a chance to share their talents with the rest of the world.”

Barnes adds, “We have an incredible pool of talent here in Melbourne, and I love getting to nurture and develop that as a choreographer and director.”

Pokorny says that he is heavily influenced by classical ballet line and aesthetic. “I like to play with static shape and fluid movement, finding balance between both clean and abstract lines. I also find inspiration from my everyday life experiences. I think it is very important for someone working in the arts industry to find balance in everyday society. Whether it be from the beach, club, iPod or a travel destination, there is always inspiration to be found that can manifest in the studio.”

Scimm Dance Company's Jack Rowan. Photo by Sean Higgins.

Scimm Dance Company’s Jack Rowan. Photo by Sean Higgins.

Platforms Youth Dance Company, the youth program at Scimm Dance, has auditions coming up in Melbourne on the 2nd and 3rd of February. “The auditions are for the 2019 season, which runs from February to August, with rehearsals on Sundays, culminating in our show season in August,” Barnes says. “Along with this, we have two special guest choreographers creating pieces this year, along with tailored workshops with different industry professionals.”

To find out more or to register to audition, visit www.scimmdance.com.au.

By Tamara Searle of Dance Informa.

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