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8 reasons why we love ballet in 2019

Boston Ballet in August Bournonville's 'Napoli'. Photo by Rosalie O'Connor, courtesy of Boston Ballet.

It’s a new year, and surely there will be some trends in the dance world – perhaps a new dance show, or some viral Instagram post, or a catchy song and corresponding dance move. But some things will also always stick around, year after year. Ballet is one of them. Since it is an older art form, it may have some room for improvement… But there are certainly things we love about ballet, and here are eight reasons why we love it in 2019!

#1. It is still the foundation of other dance forms.

Just because it’s a new year, it doesn’t deny that ballet is still the foundation for other styles of dance, like jazz, contemporary and lyrical. Keeping up with your ballet classes and technique will make you a stronger and more versatile dancer. So keep going to the barre in 2019!

#2. In 2019, ballet is for everyone.

While ballet was originally a male-dominated art form, and has for a long time displayed stereotypical male and female roles, the end of 2018 and certainly into the year 2019 sees more openness in roles. Men are donning pointe shoes in companies like Ballet Eloelle, who just toured Australia, and this past year, Chase Johnsey performed in the female ensemble of English National Ballet’s The Sleeping Beauty

#3. Females are heading to the top.

Kansas City Ballet in a work by Gabrielle Lamb. Photo by Brett Pruitt.

Kansas City Ballet in a work by Gabrielle Lamb. Photo by Brett Pruitt.

In the past couple of years, major ballet companies have received backlash for their mainly-male-choreographers programming. But in 2018, we started to see more female choreographers receive commissions to even some of the top companies – Michelle Dorrance for American Ballet Theatre, for example. We foresee even more of that happening in 2019. The female voice should be heard, and they will be given the chance to shine.

#4. Ballet attire is getting fun and stylish!

Ballet attire no longer has to be plain old black camisole leotards and pink tights. Dancewear brands like Energetiks and Eurotard are introducing fun designs, backs and accents to its leotards, so even if your dance school has a coloured dress code, you can still make dressing for class fun! Check out Energetiks new limited edition Coda collection.  It’s sure to inspire you!

#5. Ballet never goes out of style.

While certain shows or trends may start to lose their initial appeal, ballet will always be there. It’s comforting to know that each Christmas season, ballet companies around the globe present The Nutcracker, and other classics like The Sleeping Beauty, Don Quixote and Romeo and Juliet are being performed all year and are always refreshing to see. So head to your local professional ballet company this year for some ballet inspiration!

#6. In ballet, you can never stop learning.

Het Nationale Ballet's Remi Wörtmeyer in 'Symphony in Three Movements'. Photo by Angela Sterling.

Het Nationale Ballet’s Remi Wörtmeyer (Australian) in ‘Symphony in Three Movements’. Photo by Angela Sterling.

One thing that we love about ballet – and that may make it one of the most challenging dance forms out there – is that you never stop learning in ballet. The style is a constant journey, of perfecting and refining your technique. There is always room to grow and learn.

#7. Ballet can be a safe environment.

With the whole #MeToo movement coming to the forefront in 2018, ballet dancers in 2019 will hopefully be able to feel they can dance and express themselves freely this year. And hopefully, dancers, company directors and staff have realised how they should behave in the workplace, ensuring a safe, inspiring, supportive environment for all.

#8. Our favourite ballet dancers are becoming our favourite “friends”.

Thanks to social media sources like Instagram and youTube, we are becoming even more familiar with some of our favourite ballet dancers and their personal life. Gillian Murphy recently publicised her pregnancy with husband Ethan Stiefel, and we’re excited to follow the dance couple on their adventure. Likewise, Ballet West First Soloist Allison DeBona recently gave birth to her baby boy and has been sharing her story on Instagram. It’s comforting to see that those who do the most incredible things on stage are also real humans like us.

By Laura Di Orio of Dance Informa.

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