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Are your students overripe bananas or delicious mangoes?

Today, we’re asking a very important question: Are your students overripe bananas or mangoes?

Now, before you think I’ve totally lost it, let me tell you that recently we held this incredible studio plan-a-thon, and we had over 2,000 studio owners from around the world participating in growing their studio in five days.

Day two was a particular exercise I want to share with you. It revolved around working out whether the students you are attracting into your studio are overripe bananas or mangoes.

The overripe banana

Let’s talk first of all about an overripe banana. This is the fruit that sits in your fruit bowl and you don’t get excited about it. In fact, you probably don’t want to eat it.

It’s probably the type of thing that’s just going to sit there until you either decide to throw it out or make a banana cake. That’s what happens in my house anyway. It’s a bit gooey. It has lost its joy.

The beautiful mango

But a mango, a perfectly ripe mango, is something that you just crave. It’s a treat to eat – so juicy, sweet, luscious and just divine.

If you have the choice of these two things in your fruit bowl, you’re going to want to eat the mango, right? At this point, you’re probably like, “Really, where is the point, Chantelle?” I’m getting there.

Who are you attracting, the low-hanging fruit or the premium fruit?

Here’s the thing. With our studio marketing, many times we find that we’re attracting the low-hanging fruit. The low-hanging fruit are the people or the students who come into the studio and you can just tell they’re not ones who are going to stay for years. They’re a little bit tricky to work with. Or maybe they’re not as committed or motivated. They’re the ones who come and stay for a couple of months, and then they transition out.

Or, are you curating your marketing to attract the mangoes, the crème de la crème, the crème of the crop, the students who truly are just a delight to teach? You could teach them all day, every day. Imagine your favorite student right now or that student who is just so committed – they are a mango. Just imagine… if you had a class filled with mangoes, what a joy your studio would be.

Elevate your studio positioning

The fascinating thing is that when we’re marketing, we can either focus on attracting the low-hanging fruit, the overripe bananas, or we can elevate your studio positioning to become the true mango attractor that attracts the best crème students in your area.

The fascinating thing around this is that we can start looking at your marketing, if right now you are thinking that the quality of students you’re getting through the door is not spot on. For example, if you’re marketing big free trial promotions and you’re getting students who are attracted just for the free, you’re going to get kids who are coming through the door just to have a taste. They’re not committed. They’re not the mangoes.

I want to encourage you to look at your marketing and think, “Okay, what would I need to do to attract more mangoes? Do I need to uplevel the language? Do I need to get more descriptive about what this is and who this is for?” The more we make your marketing speak to the mangoes, the more mangoes you’re going to enroll.

As we elevate the quality of your marketing, you will find that it naturally elevates the quality of students your studio is attracting. And that is what’s going to make the fruit bowl of your studio overflowing with mangoes.

So to help you get started with marketing that truly attracts the mangoes, I put together my most powerful and proven student attraction strategies which you can download right away for free.

This amazing resource is going to show you how to craft marketing materials for your studio that speak right to the heart of your dream students- your mangoes. You can download this resource by clicking here

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