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What you put on your dance floor to clean it could kill it!

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A Stagestep dance floor at the Institute of Arts Barcelona

You may have established a “no drinks allowed” (except for water) rule at your studio, but still there are the inevitable spills, or street shoes trekking in dirt, that may soil your gorgeous dance floor. So of course you’d like to clean it. But how, and with what? Here, find out the best method for cleaning and protecting your dance floor – and what not to use. With proper maintenance, you can save your floor…and save yourself from having to purchase a whole new one!

You go online and everyone has advice for cleaning your dance floor. But are you listening to everyone except the floor manufacturer? You could be in for unexpected results, results that could shorten the life expectancy of the floor. Or even worse, make it unusable.

First, you need to know what not to use. And I mean never use, because you will shortly be in the market for a new floor if you do. 

Stay away from the three A’s. 

Never ever use alcohol, ammonia or acetone to clean your floor. They break down the plasticizer in your floor, and that plasticizer is what makes your floor pliable. Damage or reduce the plasticizer, and your floor will become rigid and will start to crack. 

Bleach is harmful!

Bleach is another damaging product to use on your dance floor. Besides destroying the color, bleach also releases the plasticizer to the surface, making your floor slippery.

Vinegar is a no-no.

Unless you are making a salad, never use vinegar on your dance floor surface, as it will slowly dissolve your floor.

Avoid household cleaning products.

When cleaning your dance floor, stay away from household cleaning products and anything that has “oil” in it. These products tend to leave a residue on your floor, making it slippery.

Simple is best.

Remember – keep it simple when you clean your floors. Use only a commercial detergent degreaser such as Stagestep’s ProClean. Simple Green can also work in a pinch.

Take good care of your dance floor; it’s the crucial backbone to your studio.

By Randy Swartz, President, Stagestep, Inc.

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