Study Abroad! Peridance offers international students the chance to learn from the best

Photo by Caitlin Ghosio.
Photo by Caitlin Ghosio.

Think studying dance in New York City is an unattainable dream? Think again. Peridance Capezio Center offers international students the opportunity to grow as artists and prepare for a career in dance while learning from some of the industry’s best.

Photo courtesy of Peridance Capezio Center.

Photo courtesy of Peridance Capezio Center.

With five international programs, and over 250 classes offered per week right in the heart of New York City, Peridance is a dance lover’s dream. “Our mission is to offer classes at the highest calibre, and to tailor them for dancers from beginning to advanced levels,” says Yarden Ronen-van Heerden, director of development and public relations at Peridance.

The programs Peridance offers have a proven track record of success. Graduates are now working in all spectrums of the dance industry. Former students have performed with Complexions Contemporary Ballet, Ballet Hispánico, Sidra Bell, David Parsons, Metropolitan Opera Ballet, Beyoncé, and the list goes on.

“We try to think of the whole picture,” Ronen-van Heerden explains. “International students who come here to train get exposure to many different aspects of the field in order to help them book a job. We think dancers should be able to adapt from what they normally do in order to be more well-rounded.”

Photo by Sebastian Hernandez.

Photo by Sebastian Hernandez.

With the amount of different dance styles offered, becoming well-rounded is very easy to do at Peridance. From ballet, contemporary and hip hop, to voice, composition and ethnic-based classes, there are a wealth of options for international students wishing to study here. 

International programs at Peridance are also affordable. “The reality is that it is not cheap to live in New York City, or to move overseas, so we try to keep our programs as affordable as possible,” Ronen-van Heerden adds. Peridance additionally offers both merit and financial need scholarships.

Photo courtesy of Peridance Capezio Center.

Photo courtesy of Peridance Capezio Center.

Many dancers dread hearing the word “Visa”, which can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process. At Peridance, international students get the help they need from start to finish. “We don’t just forget about our students once they are accepted,” says Ronen-van Heerden. Peridance employs a full-time student advisor to make the process of coming to New York City to train as easy as possible.

So, what are your options at Peridance? As it turns out, they have programs made to meet almost any dancer’s needs.

Independent study program – 3, 6 or 12 months:

No audition required, and for dancers of all levels. Students can choose from over 250 different classes per week, with a requirement to complete 18 classes per week.

PLUNGE Intensive – 6 months:

Perfect for anyone who wants to be a well-rounded dancer. In addition to eight technique classes of choice per week, students will also train in voice and dance composition as well. Participants also get the opportunity to perform in Peridance’s state-of-the-art studio theatre.

Intensive Semester – 6 months:

This program offers students a schedule that is personally tailored to help them meet their goals. Students get one-on-one mentoring, audition preparation workshops and also networking opportunities with the industry’s top professionals.

Limón Intensive Program – 3 or 9 months:

This unique collaborative program between Peridance and the Limón Institute offers students the opportunity to dive into Limón technique and repertory. Geared for post-secondary students, this is a wonderful opportunity to hone a new side of your artistry.

Certificate Program – 2 years:

Students in this program spend two solid years diving head first into New York City’s dance industry. By offering two tracks, Ballet/Contemporary and Commercial, students leave the certificate program ready for a professional career.

For more information on the International Programs Peridance offers, click here.

By Matthew Powell of Dance Informa.

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