Introducing commercial dancer Bec Morris

Bec Morris. Photo courtesy of Morris.
Bec Morris. Photo courtesy of Morris.

Bec Morris is a 24-year-old dancer from Sydney, with big visions for where she wants to go. She has danced in film and TV, including on The X Factor, which she credits as her favourite job to date. She has also danced in theatre and choreographed for live events. Here, Morris shares with Dance Informa the things that make her passionate about dancing.

Bec Morris. Photo courtesy of Morris.

Bec Morris. Photo courtesy of Morris.

“I dance because I love to make music come alive,” Morris says. “I have learnt that dancing is the visual aspect of music and love playing the rhythms, dynamics and vibe of the track. I also dance because it is who I am! I have been in the studio since I was two-and-a-half years old, starting at Brent Street as a ‘tiny tot’.”

She also says she dances for the audience, “to create and to inspire, so that other dancers and the younger generation can take something from me to develop into the strongest dancer they can be.”

She herself takes inspiration not only from great dancers like Parris Goebel, Sorah Yang and Jillian Meyers but she also from her students. “I gain a daily dose of inspiration in the studio with my students,” she says. “They push boundaries and are dangerous with their movement. I look at them and wish I could’ve been exposed to all of the genres and styles at such a young age. The internet is at their fingertips, so they keep learning out of the studio as well as in.”

Like all dancers, Morris spends a lot of time looking after herself. “On a daily basis, I dance for myself,” she explains. “It keeps my energy up, and I am at my happiest when I feel great dancing.”

Bec Morris. Photo courtesy of Morris.

Bec Morris. Photo courtesy of Morris.

When thinking about conditioning and keeping her body in shape, Morris says she can’t live without certain warm-ups. “To move your torso is very important to bring your movement to life,” she shares, “and there is also nothing better than having a good ol’ groove to warm yourself up. Muscles you aren’t even aware that exist are being moved, and you can create pictures and feelings that can break the rules.”

Morris is keen to travel and is pursuing opportunities overseas for herself. “As a dancer, I want to experience a lot of different opportunities, but overall, a world tour covers it in a nut shell!”

In addition to being a successful dancer, she is also an emerging choreographer and has worked on two works recently.

“My favourite pieces would have to be at Speakeasy in 2016, when I put together a piece with some of Sydney’s most incredible dancers, who I am lucky enough to call close friends. That piece was ‘Dead Body’ (track by Little Simz). The most recent one was at the Dream Industry Party in March of this year. It was a hip hop piece with six girls, including myself, to a track by Lady Leshurr – ‘Lukatar’. Being able to dance like a character and less like myself made me feel a different power behind my movement. It was awesome!”

Bec Morris. Photo courtesy of Morris.

Bec Morris. Photo courtesy of Morris.

When asked what advice she wished she had been given as a very young dancer, Morris says,  “As a young dancer, I wish I was told that even though I wasn’t the strongest, my hard work and passion would overtake. I didn’t really understand this until I was in my 20s, and now I try to teach it as much as possible. No matter what, if you want something, you work for it. You fight hard, and eventually that fight and drive will pay off.”

Bec Morris is represented by T&E Management, Sydney, and you can find out more about her through www.tandemanagement.com.au.

By Tamara Searle of Dance Informa.

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