Happy Birthday, Capezio: Celebrating 130 Years!

Capezio dancewear celebrates 130 years.
Capezio's Elsternwick, Melbourne store.

This year the iconic dancewear brand, Capezio, is celebrating its 130th anniversary! Festivities began on April 13, which was founder Salvatore Capezio’s birthday. To celebrate, we spoke to several Capezio Athletes to ask them what birthday message they’d like to send. Here’s what they said.

Annabelle Watt

“Congratulations on 130 years of Capezio! Only successful businesses with quality products and services can sustain this long in the industry. I am so proud to be a Capezio Athlete, as it is easy to promote such beautiful ballet shoes, leotards and accessories. I hope to be a professional ballerina and thank Capezio for supporting me in my journey.”

Christine Denny

“I would like to say a huge thank you to Capezio for providing me with such wonderful tap shoes over the past 28 years. Firstly, as a tap student and then as my tap shoe of choice as a professional tap teacher! And a huge congratulations for being an inspiration to the dance community for so long. Their quality-driven products, and especially their tap shoes, inspired me from a young age, and getting my first ever pair of Capezio K360s, whilst on my first visit to NYC, was something I will never forget. It was like a ‘coming of age’ in my tap dance world. Thank you!”

Tiffany Hedman

“Capezio, since 1887, you’ve listened to our needs and brought your strength to our arts. You’ve allowed myself and countless others to shine. You are the wings beneath my feet so I can fly. Thank you from my heart. Happy birthday, Capezio – let’s go for another 130 years!”

Jordan Pollard

“Capezio is 130 years old! Holy moly! What an incredible effort to grow and learn for 130 years. That’s why Capezio is still a huge part of the performing arts community – its ability to innovate and deliver a quality product. It’s this love for show business that has kept them here and hopefully will for another 130 years! I am truly grateful for myself and The Tap Pack to be a part of this landmark event with Capezio. Congratulations on all your success!”

Peta Anderson

“Thank you, Capezio, for giving artists around the world everything we need to be the best we can be for the last 130 years! Your innovative designs and all around support in the dance community goes above and beyond, and I feel thankful to be a part of such an amazing family! Congratulations!”

Australian ballerina and Capezio Athlete Talia Fidra.

Australian Capezio Athlete Talia Fidra. Photo by Damian Tierney.

Audrey Freeman

“Happy Birthday, Capezio! I can only imagine how many dancers you’ve helped in 130 years! Love you, you’re amazing!”

Talia Fidra

“Congratulations on 130 years! Capezio has always been my go-to dance brand. I don’t know what I would have done without them. What I love most about Capezio is that every product brought out is perfectly tailored to dancers’ needs. Keep it up, Capezio.”

Zoe Honsinger

“If you ever talk to the staff at Capezio, you will find that it is not uncommon for them to be working there for 15-plus years. I believe that on its own proves what kind of company they are. They are a true team, and I feel so blessed to be part of it! I feel like they are family.”

Sarah Lane

“Capezio pointe shoes have literally ‘stood with me’ for my entire professional career so far. They have seen me through every frustration, every success, every dramatic role, every joyful role, every moment of insecurity, every moment of freedom, every mundane day, every exciting day. I know that when I step out on stage, I can trust them so much that I forget that I’m even wearing them. Thank you! Happy Birthday! Here’s to many more!”

To keep in the know about sales and new products, make sure to visit www.capezioaustralia.com and www.facebook.com/capeziobrands.

By Rain Francis of Dance Informa.

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