14 dance photographers we love

Photo by Pippa Samaya.

What makes a good dance photograph? A gorgeous subject, an inspiring movement caught in time, maybe a great costume or backdrop. And, very importantly, the person behind the camera. Here, we highlight 14 of our favourite dance photographers. 

#1. Lois Greenfield.

Paul Zivkovich from 'Lois Greenfield: Moving Still'. Photo by Lois Greenfield.

Paul Zivkovich from ‘Lois Greenfield: Moving Still’. Photo by Lois Greenfield.

Lois Greenfield is now a name so synonymous with dance photography, she may just have invented the genre. From her live collaboration with Australian Dance Theatre, Held, to the iconic calendars that have graced many a dancer’s wall for decades, Greenfield is truly top of her game. (P.S. Her new 2017 calendar, Breaking Bounds, is out now!


#2. Alexander Yakolev.

Yakolev has one of the most exciting accounts on Instagram – a largely black and white feed with intense pops of colour. You can follow the Russian photographer at @ayakovlevcom.


#3. Luis Pons.

Pons’ collections of the world’s top ballerinas captured in both black and white and stunning colour are often set against dramatic natural or man-made backgrounds, making them some of the most exciting dance photographs around.


#4. Jordan Matter.

Amongst many other beautiful projects, Matter is responsible for the bestselling books Dancers Among Us and the more recent Dancers After Dark, which include breathtaking images of dancers in the “real world”.


#5. Rachel Neville.

Photo by Rachel Neville.

Photo by Rachel Neville.

A former dancer and teacher, Neville knows exactly how to capture dance! Her clients and subjects have included Dance Theatre of Harlem, 10 Hairy Legs and Grishko, as well as individuals.


#6. Richard Calmes.

Calmes has steadily become one of the most prominent dance photographers in the USA, his work featured in books, magazines, galleries and photography periodicals around the world. He has also published his own dance photography books.


#7. Chris Herzfeld.

Herzfeld has worked with some of Australia’s top contemporary dance companies and choreographers, including Expressions Dance Company and Australian Dance Theatre. His work is quirky, bright and often played against dramatic architecture.


#8. Dane Shitagi.

New York-based photographer Shitagi created the amazing Ballerina Project, a stunning collection of images of ballet dancers captured outside the studio and off the stage.


#9. Chris Reilly.

Reilly creates wonderfully rich, colourful images of dancers and has worked with some of the rising stars of today, including Sophia Lucia.


#10. Belinda Strodder.

Alessia Augello. Photo by Belinda Strodder.

Alessia Augello. Photo by Belinda Strodder.

Regularly published in online and print magazines, exhibitions and promotional campaigns, Strodder is well-known for photographing Victoria’s top schools and companies, and touring productions.


#11. Damian Tierney.

Tierney of New South Wales is well-known for his eye-catching, energetic photos of dancers – and he’s steadily becoming the top of his game in Australia.


#12. Photography by ASH.

Dynamic duo Amber Dower Hunt and Arnaud Stephenson are two Kiwis living in London. Hunt is also a dancer with English National Ballet, and Stephenson a lighting technician for stage and events, so both bring a unique perspective to the field of dance photography.


#13. Pippa Samaya.

Samaya is building a reputation as one of the most interesting young photographers on the Australian dance and arts scene. She also works in the medium of film and has a particular affinity with contemporary dance.


#14. Chris Dowd.

Rain Francis. Photo by Chris Dowd.

Rain Francis. Photo by Chris Dowd.

Melbourne-based Dowd has photographed many local dancers for his current project, Dancers of Melbourne. It is bright and fun and besides showcasing dancers, it highlights iconic, as well as little known, treasures of this wonderful city.


By Rain Francis of Dance Informa.

Photo (top): Photo by Pippa Samaya.

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