8 Reasons Why Dancers are Smart

Smart dancer

As dancers, we’ve trained our body and mind for years, and along with our extension our brain muscle has certainly developed, too! Here are eight reasons why dancers are super smart  

#1. We are the ultimate multi-taskers.

Legs, feet, back, hips, arms, hands, eyeline, expression, intention, quality…. dancers must think of several things at once and make it look effortless!

#2. We are our own P.A.s, publicists, accountants and agents.

With very few dancers in the world having any kind of job security, we learn early how to manage our complex lives and finances, often working several jobs at once and somehow managing to stay in shape for auditions.

#3. We are resourceful.

Nobody knows better than a dancer how to stage a production on a shoestring budget!

#4. Our body awareness is unparalleled.

Dancers are so finely tuned that we are acutely aware of any small changes in our body. We know more about anatomy than the average “normal” person!

#5. We have an appreciation and understanding of art history and the wider art world.

From breaking to ballet, different dance styles give us a glimpse into the culture and language of worlds of the past and how they have evolved into the present.

#6. We will always win at a game of Memory.

Learning choreography has been proven to have a positive effect on memory. Dancers must remember the counts and tiny details of several works at once, and our bodies are so smart that they will hang onto the memory of these for years and years!

#7. We are fast learners.

The competitive nature of auditions and the dance industry means we must pick up choreography as quickly as possible. We are constantly training our brain to take on and retain small details and adapt to new ways of moving at a super fast rate.

#8. We follow our heart.

We’ve chosen to chase our dreams and follow our passions, because we know that life is short and time is best spent doing that which brings us joy.

By Rain Francis of Dance Informa.

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