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10 reasons to take full time dance

Full time dancers from Left Leg Studios, Melbourne

Full time dance auditions are taking place across the country right now. So why should you take full time dance?

#1. You will improve out of sight.

Dancing all day, every day, will bring you closer to your goals much faster. Look for a full time school that has technique classes every day as well as performance opportunities, so you’re developing as both a technician and an artist.

#2. You’ll learn professionalism.

Most full-time schools treat their students like professional dancers, not children, so you learn what it’s like to work in the industry – meaning it’s not such a shock when you get your first job!

#3. You’ll learn about the industry.

Besides honing your skills as a dancer, you’ll also learn industry skills, such as how to audition and how to ‘sell yourself’, which are crucial to finding work after graduating.

#4. You’ll make lifelong friends.

You’ll go through some real highs and lows with the people in your year, and they’ll all share your passion for dance. Get ready to meet some of the friends who will be with you for life!

#5. You’ll make professional contacts.

Most full time schools have teachers who are currently working in the industry, or active choreographers commissioned to create work on them. These contacts you will make are vital to your future success – so make a good impression by being easy to work with!

#6. You’ll get more performance experience.

End of year shows, mid-year performances, studio showings… there are loads of performance opportunities while you’re training, and each of them will help prepare you for a life on stage.

#7. It’ll be the biggest challenge of your life.

Well, until you graduate! Full time dance school is no walk in the park – ask anyone who’s been. It’s super tough, mentally and physically, but if you can survive it, we reckon you can survive anything.

#8. You’ll be out of your comfort zone.

Nothing worth getting was ever won easily. Dance school is challenging in more ways than one, and there’ll be times when you might want to walk away. But all of those challenges are there to teach you something, so remember to always look for the lesson.

#9. You’ll really get to know yourself.

Yes, you’ll develop close friendships, but the most important person you’ll get to know is yourself. Mentally, you’ll find out how you deal with stress, pressure, failure and success. Physically, you’ll get to know your limits and abilities and how best to look after your body.

#10. You love to dance.

After all, what other reason do you need?

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By Rain Francis of Dance Informa.

Photo (top): Dancers from Left Leg Studios, Melbourne, who offer a Full time Diploma of Musical Theatre accredited through Swinburne University and accredited and non accredited Part Time & Full Time Courses specializing in Musical Theatre & Dance.

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