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Queensland Ballet presents ‘Peter Pan’

Playhouse, QPAC, Queensland.
July 1, 2015. 

Ballet-loving audiences of all ages were captivated by Queensland Ballet’s presentation of choreographer Trey McIntyre’s Peter Pan during June and July. 

Artistic Director Li Cunxin keenly brought in a ballet that is both geared towards children and enthralling for adults. From the first appearance of Peter Pan (danced by Camilo Ramos at this performance), we saw a modern take on this traditional classic.

From the characters bouncing through the air while learning to fly, to the mischievous frolicking of Tinkerbell (danced by Laura Hidalgo), to the antics of the Lost Boys, the audience was constantly entertained and laughing. It’s unusual to laugh during a ballet, but it was a nice change of pace to bring comedy to this classic art form. 

The stage was beautifully set with props and scenery that moved seamlessly around when needed. Together with some creative lighting concepts, the stage seemed to come alive and draw you into Neverland, the ocean or even a simple nursery, depending on the scene.

One of the standout aspects of the show was the mother and father. While they were not main characters and were actually seen quite rarely, when they did appear their contemporary pas de deux work was intricate and well executed. It was an interesting artistic choice, with some unusual combinations and partnering that worked beautifully together. Bravo to Clare Morehen and Hao Bin for an exquisite performance!

The story itself was easy to follow and took you on the typical journey to Neverland and back. The dancing was lovely overall and had some beautiful combinations of steps. There was always something gorgeous happening on stage and all the dancers, from the company members to the pre-professional students, should be applauded for their professional performance.

Peter Pan was yet another hit from Queensland Ballet and shows once again that Li Cunxin is taking the company in the right direction.  

By Belinda Williamson of Dance Informa

Photo (top): Queensland Ballet presents Peter Pan. Photo courtesy of Queensland Ballet.

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