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Dance Quiz – Australian Contemporary Dance

1. Proximity, Be Your Self and Worldhood are all works by which company?

a. Sydney Dance Company

b. Australian Dance Theatre

c. Expressions Dance Company

d. Tasdance

2. In which Australian centre would you find Leigh Warren and Dancers?

a. Melbourne

b. Perth

c. Canberra

d. Adelaide

3. Who made the shortlist for the 2013 Australian Dance Awards in both Outstanding Achievement in Choreography and Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance?

a. Antony Hamilton

b. Sue Healey

c. Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal

d. Lisa Wilson

Natalie Weir4. Name the choreographer pictured on the left.

5. G by Australian Dance Theatre is a retelling of which famous ballet?

a. Giselle

b. The Nutcracker

c. Swan Lake

d. La Bayadere 

6. There’s Definitely a Prince Involved was choreographed by Gideon Obarzanek on which company?

a. Chunky Move

b. Dancenorth

c. BalletLab

d. The Australian Ballet

 7. Sydney Dance Company has recently announced some big news – what is it?

a. They are moving to a new premises

b. In 2014 they will offer their first pre-professional year

c. They have announced a new rehearsal director

d. All of the above  

8. Which contemporary dance festival was held in Melbourne in March this year?

a. Next Wave

b. ReelDance

c. Australian Dance Festival

d. Dance Massive

9. Name the work being performed by Dancenorth in the photo at the top right of this page.

10. Which of the following is not a work by independent choreographer Jo Lloyd?

a. Future Perfect

b. Happy as Larry

c. High Maintenance

d. Apparently That’s What Happened

ANSWERS: 1 – b, 2 – d, 3 – a, 4 – Natalie Weir,  5 – a, 6 – d, 7 – b, 8 – d, 9 – d, 10 – b.

Photo (top): Dancenorth. Photo by Bottlebrush Studios.

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