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Broadway Quiz

How strong is your Broadway Brain? Test your knowledge of the world’s greatest musicals.

By Rain Francis.

Jersey Boys is a documentary-style musical based on the story of which band?

a) The Who

b) The Four Seasons

c) The Four Tops

d) One Direction

What is the longest-running show on Broadway?

a) Cats

b) Les Miserables

c) The Phantom of the Opera

d) Wicked

Which of the following was NOT based on a film?

a) The Lion King

b) Chicago

c) Saturday Night Fever

d) Sweet Charity

What do Movin’ Out, Moonshadow and Mamma Mia have in common (besides all starting with M)?

a) They were all directed originally by Bill T. Jones

b) They were all adapted from novels

c) They are all ‘jukebox’ musicals

d) They were all choreographed by Twyla Tharp

True or false: Grease the movie came before Grease the musical?

Cabaret was based on a book by which author?

a) Christopher Isherwood

b) Emily Bronte

c) Charles Dickens

d) William S. Burroughs

Which of the following is NOT a character from Annie?

a) Miss Hannigan

b) Rooster

c) Molly

d) Annie Oakley

In which musical would you find Peggy Sawyer, Dorothy Brock and Julian Marsh?

a) The Producers

b) Hello, Dolly!

c) My Fair Lady

d) 42nd Street

Who choreographed Gypsy, West Side Story and On The Town, among many others?

a) Bob Fosse

b) Jerome Robbins

c) Twyla Tharp

d) Steven Sondheim

Which Andrew Lloyd Webber musical is derived from poems by T. S. Eliot?

a) Cats

b) Starlight Express

c) Evita

d) Jesus Christ Superstar


1 – b; 2 – c; 3 – b; 4 – c; 5 – False; 6 – a; 7 – d; 8 – d; 9 – b; 10 – a

Top photo: West Side Story. Photo by David Wyatt.

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