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Shadows – Twisted Element Dance Company

Parade Playhouse, Parade Theatres NSW
May 2012

By Kristy Johnson.

It’s evident that Twisted Element Dance Company is all about creating quirky, unique and innovative dance performances, after viewing their latest creation, Shadows. Founded in 2010, Twisted Element has established itself as a small collective, aiming to create dance works that inspire and encourage creativity.

Shadows followed the abstract journey of a young woman’s love, heartbreak and  the discovery of her shadow self. Often in relationships, parts of ourselves that we don’t like emerge uncontrollably. The performance, created and directed by Angela Hamilton Hill, showcased eleven performers, who brought unique ideas alive through an original style of choreography, incorporating visuals, projection and film. Standout performers were Angela Hamilton Hill, Paul Walker and Claire Stephens.

The choreography allowed these standout performers to showcase their strengths. The movements required great technique, which these dancers were able to demonstrate. In time, I feel the other dancers will be able to improve their skill with guidance and more experience. Certain sequences were a little out of time, however it was still an entertaining work.

As expected for a contemporary style performance, costumes were minimal. However, the use of black ribbon to imitate the shadow self was quite clever. A large proportion of the performance was backed up with visuals and film. Some of the visuals I found to be quite interesting, others I have to admit I didn’t understand.

Overall, I found the performance to be quite entertaining and the time and effort that went into the creation of the show was evident. Angela Hamilton Hill has an innovative style of choreography that I’m sure will leave a lasting impression on those who see her future works.

Photo by Michela Secci.

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