Contemporary Masters Series 2009

Contemporary Masters Series

Young Performers Australia is delighted to announce that leading US artists Jaimie Goodwin and Dana Wilson are coming to Melbourne and Brisbane this December. The talented two will teach contemporary, jazz and hip hop workshops, sharing their passion and love of dance and choreography with Australian students and professionals.

Dance Informa spoke with YPA Director Eddie Hobson about the exciting Masters Series.

1) Why did you choose to bring Jaimie and Dana out to Australia? What can Australian dancers learn from them?
Jaimie Goodwin is considered to be one of the best female dancers in America. She has countless credits to her name including the New York City Dance Alliance 2006 National Outstanding Dance Award. One of the reasons I chose Jaimie is that she will give Australians a very special and privileged opportunity to experience her “technique class”. It is based on the training she received at Denise Wall’s Dance Energy, the same studio that produced Travis Wall and Danny Tidwell. Dancers from all over America go to study with Denise Wall. Jaimie is an experienced teacher, having taught at the studio and at conventions across America. Since being a Top 10 Finalist on SYTYCD Season 3, Jaimie’s professional career has taken her to Europe with the Bad Boys of Dance and onto the movie set of High School Musical 3.

Dana Wilson is one of the most versatile dancers in America and will bring a wealth of experience to Australia. She has assisted Marty Kudeka and performed on Justin Timberlake’s world tour and My Love music video. She has also assisted Wade Robson on many projects including SYTYCD and, most recently, Cirque du Soleil’s Believe. She is a loved and admired teacher on faculty at NYCDA, America’s largest dance convention and competition organisation.

Jaimie and Dana have vivacious, encouraging and inspiring personalities and will bring fresh and exciting choreography to Australia.

2) What can dancers expect from the classes? 
Dancers can expect to experience a style of contemporary dance that reflects the latest developments in the US. Contemporary dance is a constantly evolving genre. I’ve just spent the last year in New York City and have witnessed a whole new way of moving. 

The dancers who come to YPA’s workshops can expect more than a dance class, they will get an incredible experience. They will get world class teachers, innovative choreography and plenty of space to dance – all at the lowest possible prices.

Most of YPA’s future tours are going to adopt the American style of convention teaching – large spacious venues, with a stage and a screen so that everyone has plenty of room to dance and can see and hear everything. I’ve taken too many workshops where the organisers have packed us in like sardines. It gets to the point where I’m not able to enjoy taking class for fear of kicking someone in the face, or being kicked! I am utilising my experiences as a dancer to make these workshops as enjoyable and educational as possible.

At the workshops there will also be short performances by our guest teachers, and an opportunity to meet them after class.

3) How does YPA help Australian artists? 
YPA has two principal aims: to encourage cross-cultural links between Australia and America and to provide educational resources and opportunities to aspiring performers. I’m aware that many Australians cannot afford the cost of going to America to take classes or they are too young to make the journey alone. So if they can’t make it to NYC, we’ll just bring NYC to them!

We are also starting an outreach division of YPA which will be working with the community to give opportunities to talented underprivileged youth. 

4) What are your plans for the future?
YPA has big plans for the future. We have five tours in the pipeline for next year with Emmy and Tony award winning choreographers and faculty from NYC’s top dance schools including Steps on Broadway, DNA, Alvin Ailey and Broadway Dance Center. The range of workshops will be diverse, including Broadway Jazz, Contemporary, Jazz and Hip-Hop.

Register now for the Contemporary Masters Series!
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“A class with Dana Wilson is not to be missed. I thoroughly enjoyed her hip hop class at NYCDA. Her choreography was fresh, fun and innovative. She is a brilliant teacher and so very down to earth.”
Deborah Searle, Director of Dance Informa.

Email Dance Informa with your name, address, age and why you should win.
Please note that prior dance experience is essential for all workshops.

Dance Informa is a proud supporter of YPA.

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