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joann-jansen-300x232JoAnn Jansen was recognised as a dancer in 1996, and choreographer in 2004. She has collaborated with celebrities including Harrison Ford as choreographer and acting coach, Jennifer Aniston, and Antonio Banderas in the blockbuster film Take the Lead. Take the Lead showcased styles of dance from Hip Hop through to Ballroom with an emphasis on partnering, breaks and rhythm.

As an industry professional, JoAnn encourages others to broaden their career. “Dance is all dance. You need to understand the art form and bring a personality.” This personality has enabled her to make what she describes as an “obvious transition” from choreographer to director. In a competitive industry, JoAnn states that you need to “work as hard as you can in front of decision makers, keep up connections, make choreographers recognise you, have an agent and an interest in how the business works here.”

With an impressive list of credits to her name, JoAnn works side by side with her agent at Clear Talent Group in LA. “The good thing about Clear Talent Group is there is not an overload of clients, they are funky, they give clients the attention they need, they get what I want, they are smart and current yet polite and tough.”

Check out JoAnn Jansen’s amazing list of credits below!

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