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Unveiling the dance of studio branding: Your next steps

Social media tips from Dance Training Organisation.

Okay, studio owners, are you ready to kick off your dance studio branding for the new school year? Let’s transform your socials into a captivating performance with these stellar tips from Dance Training Organisation.

#1. Define your dance persona.

Your dance studio has a unique personality. Define it! Are you bold and energetic, or graceful and elegant? Let your brand persona shine through in your visuals and tone.

Kerrie Power of Dance Training Organisation
Kerrie Power of Dance Training Organisation (centre) at Vitality Dance Teacher Conference by VDF. Photo by Deb Cantoni

#2. Colour palette choreography

Choose a colour palette that reflects your studio’s vibe. Whether it’s vibrant and lively or subtle and sophisticated, consistent colours create a visually harmonious brand.

#3. Snapshot your style.

Capture your dance studio’s essence in visuals. Showcase your dance space, instructors and students in action. Authenticity is key, so let your style and energy be felt through your images.

#4. Create a signature look.

Develop a signature style for your graphics. Whether it’s a specific font, layout or design element, a consistent look across your posts ties everything together.

Kerrie Power of Dance Training Organisation. Photo courtesy of DTO.
Kerrie Power of Dance Training Organisation. Photo courtesy of DTO.

#5. Speak your brand voice.

Your words dance, too! Define your brand voice — be it friendly, inspirational or informative. Consistency in your messaging helps create a recognizable tone.

#6. Highlight your unique moves.

What makes your dance studio stand out? Whether it’s a special dance style, unique teaching approach or community events, highlight these distinctive features in your posts.

#7. Collaborate with your audience.

Involve your audience in the dance. Encourage user-generated content, share testimonials, and let your students’ stories become part of your brand narrative. 

#8. Consistency is choreography.

Like a well-choreographed routine, consistency is key. Stick to your chosen brand elements, posting schedule and messaging to create a cohesive dance on your socials.

Remember, this is your dance, and branding is the music that guides your moves. Let’s make your studio’s brand a showstopper!

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