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Flying Fruit Fly Circus in ‘Tempo’: Rhythm in athleticism

Flying Fruit Fly Circus in 'Tempo'. Photo by Ian Sutherland.
Flying Fruit Fly Circus in 'Tempo'. Photo by Ian Sutherland.

Arts Centre Melbourne, Melbourne.
17 January 2024.

The Flying Fruit Fly Circus is Australia’s national youth circus for children and young people 12-18 years old. They are based in Albury, NSW. Make no mistake, these children are no amateurs; they are highly skilled.

In the company’s latest work, Tempo, the orchestra has disappeared, but the circus is ready to save the day. Directed by Jake Silvestro, an acrobat and maker who counts Circa and Circus Oz amongst his credits, he has created with Tempo an ode to the physicality of music, and the rhythm in athleticism.

Physical comedy, acrobatic daring, slight of hand, balancing, juggling – there is something so pleasing about seeing flashes of brilliance in young people, at the very beginning of their trajectory as professionals.

With a title like Tempo, the score is going to be important. Composer Ania Reynolds has created an original score which is in large part also executed by the kids. As one performer takes the silks, or the ropes, another is accompanying on piano or clarinet. Captivating sequences of highly choregraphed, highly skilled body percussion often transitioned into juggling or acro routines.

Tempo features performers Aoife Gordos, Barney Herrmann, Chelsea Quaill, Elise Doherty, Emma Giasoumi, Finn Neill, Imogen McDonald, Jacob Kavanagh, Maya Chynoweth, Nate Klippel, Peter Giasoumi and Tal Shemesh. The Fruit Flies are currently touring Tempo across regional Victoria, Central Australia and NSW, including Alice Springs, Paramatta and Port Macquaire. This is a treat not to be missed.

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By Tamara Searle of Dance Informa.

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