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Dance studio owners: Elevate your social media for only $7


These days, social media is everything. It’s how we show our presence, promote our business, advertise our upcoming classes and workshops, and keep up with the immediacy that is demanded of us.

But it’s a lot to take on ourselves, especially if it’s not our specialty. Maybe our time and energy is better spent at working on our studio’s curriculum and planning classes, so wouldn’t it be great to just hand off the social media responsibilities to someone else, or – better yet – be handed the tools to make our social media outlets stand-out and stellar?!

Sally Prendergast.
Sally Prendergast.

Enter Sally Prendergast. She has been running dance businesses for over two decades, and she truly understands the ups and downs of owning a dance studio. As a passionate dance teacher and business owner, Prendergast has always had a knack for creativity and a love for business management and marketing. Now, she specialises in guiding dance studios through the world of social media and digital marketing at SP Digital Marketing, the Dance Resource Hub and the Social Systems Academy for Dance Studios.

Prendergast helps dance studio owners to master social media marketing with both ‘Done For You’ social media management packages and through her monthly membership, the Social Systems Academy for Dance Studios.

Now, Prendergast is offering 50 social media templates for dance studios for only $7 AUD, for a limited time only.

SP Digital Marketing social posts.

“I know the challenges that come with running a dance studio,” Prendergast says. “Before specialising in social media and digital marketing for dance studios, I was a studio owner for over two decades, so I understand the long hours, the time away from your family, and the emotional and mental strain you face running your studio. That’s why I’m excited to share something that can truly make a difference for your business.”

Of course, we all know that our online presence matters more now than ever in attracting new students to our studio, but Prendergast points out that potential customers need to ‘see’ our content at least seven times before taking action!

Sally Prendergast at VDF Teacher Day 2023. Photo by Deb Cantoni Photography.
Sally Prendergast at VDF’s Vitality Teacher Conference 2023. Photo by Deb Cantoni.

Prendergast’s collection of social media templates are tried and tested, specifically tailored for dance studios. “These templates are not just about being pretty,” she says. “They’re designed to grab attention, encourage engagement and deliver results.”

She adds, “The best part? You’ll spend less time behind the computer and more time doing what you love!”

You can grab Prendergast’s collection of social media templates here:

If you’d like to connect with Sally Prendergast, you can reach out to her at or at her website,

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