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Studio Owners: Free business refresher to help you reach your peak

Vitality Dance Teacher Conference. Tiffany Henderson
Tiffany Henderson at VDF's Dance Teacher Conference. Photo by Deb Cantoni

As dance educators you’ve no doubt spent countless hours learning your art, improving your skills and perfecting your teaching craft, but how much time do you spend as a business owner learning how to develop and grow your business?

Many of us dream of growing into multiple locations and increasing income streams. But how many of us know how to actually achieve that dream?

Tiffany Henderson teaching a Twinkle Star Dance class at Energetiks VDF23.

San Francisco based Tiffany Henderson has succeeded at exactly that. A renowned industry leader and dance business expert for the past 23 or more years, Tiffany owns multiple diverse locations across the US and Tiffany’s Dance Academy is home to a whopping 2,500 students. She has even created her own hugely successful pre-school syllabus Twinkle Star Dance.

So, what is Tiffany’s secret? Dance Teacher Refresh – a series of remote professional development sessions for educators and studios offered FREE by VDF (Victorian Dance Festival) on Zoom- will discover exactly that. This Sunday from 3pm AEDT Tiffany Henderson will share with the Dance Teacher Refresh audience her ‘secret sauce’ and ‘Best Practices for Reaching Your Profit and Passion Peak’.

Tiffany Henderson speaking at VDF’s Vitality Dance Teacher Conference. Photo by Belinda Strodder.

With insight and actionable steps to success, Tiffany will be helping Australian studios reach their potential across all key areas including marketing to new and returning dancers, increasing dancer engagement and retention, hiring, training and managing the right staff for your business, planning an enjoyable concert and optimising those additional revenue streams.

It’s not often we get to learn from someone so successful first hand so we’ll be jumping online along with the Dance Teacher Refresh audience this Sunday 29 October. Registration is free at Pour a cuppa or glass of wine and join us on Zoom and reach your profit and passion peak too.

And make sure to grab your tickets to VDF’s beloved Vitality Dance Teacher Conference next April. Three full days of dance, business seminars, dance health and professional development. Discounted Early Bird Tickets are on sale now.

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