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Why should dance teachers invest in professional development?

VDF's Vitality Teacher Day
Omer Backley Astrachan of Sydney Dance Company shares with dance teachers at Vitality Teacher Day by VDF. Photo Belinda Strodder

As a studio owner or dance teacher, it’s important to stay abreast of new trends, ideas, concepts and techniques. What are the latest findings in dance physiology and safe dance practice? What new programs, syllabi, products, or services could help you with the running of your studio or the teaching of your students? How are other dance educators feeling, coping, surviving and thriving?

Events like Energetiks Victorian Dance Festival (VDF) provide an invaluable platform for dance educators to come together to learn, connect, share and dance. With Vitality Teacher Day exclusively for dance teachers and studio owners, as well as access to a whole weekend of classes, Q&As, professional auditions (which dance educators can view), a showcase, and even a fashion show of the latest costumes and dancewear trends, VDF provides Australian dance teachers with new tools, ideas, movement concepts and more.

Vitality Teacher Day is a glamourous fully catered event with a delicious morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and champagne, and two streams of classes and seminars on a variety of dance education, business, marketing and health topics from leading experts. Vitality Teacher Day also involves dance classes with renowned international and national industry professionals, exclusively for dance teachers and studio owners only. And if you want even more dance, or to watch our industry leaders in action, your Vitality ticket gives you access to every weekend class, too!

With the largest exhibition of dance suppliers, brands, institutions, syllabi and more in a huge dance market with DJ and food trucks, VDF allows you to shop ’til you drop, too!

Here are just a few reasons why you need to be at Energetiks VDF23 this April 14-16, at Melbourne Showgrounds:

#1. To stay current with new teaching methods and techniques.

Professional development opportunities like VDF provide dance teachers with the latest information and research on teaching methods, techniques and trends in the dance industry.

#2. To improve skills and knowledge.

At VDF, dance teachers can learn new skills and techniques that can be used in their classes to improve the quality of their teaching and to make it more engaging for their students.

#3. To network with other dance teachers and professionals.

Professional development events provide opportunities to meet and connect with other dance educators and professionals in the industry. This can lead to valuable collaborations and support networks.

#4. To inspire creativity and innovation.

Attending professional development opportunities like VDF can inspire new ideas, choreography and ways of teaching, which can help to keep classes fresh and engaging for students.

#5. To gain continuing education credits.

Most syllabi organisations require dance teachers to complete a certain number of continuing education credits to maintain their certification or licensure. Attending VDF seminars and workshops can help teachers meet these requirements.

Come be inspired and join us at Vitality Teacher Day and VDF. Every Vitality ticket includes full weekend access to the Festival, huge dance expo and every class! Early bird tickets are currently on sale at

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